Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sally's 2nd Year Photo Book

Last year I created a photo book from Shutterfly for Sally's first year.  I decided to keep with the tradition and make her 2nd year.  Hello upgraded Shutterfly photo book.  Holy options!! I was super excited to see all of the extras they had added.  I may have spent a little too much time on this one, oh well, she's worth it.  It's a good thing these babies will have opposite times of the year for their birthday so I'll always have a chance to stay up to date on their photo books!

Baby C-Mile and I had our Glucose test this morning.  I was apprehensive about this test, because like so many other preggo mamas, I failed it the first time with my pregnancy with Sally.  I was bound and determined to not have to sit through another three hour test and instead, pass it the first time around.  So I cut back on my sweets and my carbs this week.  I just got the news that we passed the test, thank goodness, now excuse me while I enjoy a bowl of ice cream ;)

Oh yeah, baby is doing great! I'm measuring a week under, which is always nice to hear and he/she has a nice strong heart rate of 140, jumped to 150 for a bit when he/she was kicking...probably from that stupid sugary drink you have to chug for the glucose test.

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