Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Buddies, Birthday, Bears and Horsie!

Here are the rest of the photos from our Ely weekend!

Thanks for the cute shirt Tiff!


"Thanks for having me come play at your cabin, Izzy!"

Reid is pretty proud of these sunset pictures he snapped on his phone!

going for a ride!

They have an electric horse in the garage.  Sally had to say Good-Night and Good Morning to it each day :)

Bob sure knows how to make kids happy :)

Celebrating Pat's birthday! Not sure who's more excited about the cake :)

We went to the Bear Center where you can get up close to view them! Ted, Honey and Hope.  I think this one was Ted.

Honey walking into the woods

Hope eating right below Sally's feet

Dinner time...grapes!

They rest the grapes on the back of their paw and then eat them.  Such good manners!

One last ride on Horsie before we hit the road!

Thank you Bob, Donna, Pat, Tiff and Isabelle for your hospitality and a fabulous weekend filled with many memories!

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