Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We had a wonderfully relaxing time in Ely for the long weekend.  A HUGE thank you to the James Family for welcoming us with open arms, as well as the Christensen Family for inviting us along and providing so many extras! 

Many many pictures from Ely today! Tomorrow will be the second half of the pictures :) Enjoy!

After our 5 hour car ride and a pizza dinner we jumped on the boat for a before bedtime cruise.  Sally was in Heaven!

Helping Pat drive

Not sure who was more excited, Sally or Stella? :)

The next morning it was a bit crisp, but the sun was out so Sally insisted on putting her suit on.  She got in a quick "bath."

Thank goodness for Daddy to endure the chilly waters :)

A quick smile inbetween chattering teeth
Coloring with her BFF Tiff!

Enjoying another boat ride

"I love it, Mommy!"

Checking everything out

Of course this is what we wake up to, the morning of our departure :(

Saying "Bye Bye" to the water

Notice the Loon, "Hi Grandpa Joe!"

4 hours in to the ride home and she's still happy! She was a fabulous traveler! Still no napping in the car, but at least she doesn't get crabby! Lots of fun chatting and dance parties!

**Happy First Day of school to a lot of you out there! We hope you have a wonderful school year!

**A very special shout out to Daddy as he starts his first day of Grad school at Carlson tonight.  We're so very proud of you! xo

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