Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Break

I survived 10 straight days of all 4 kiddos home with me.  Mason decided to go through his 6 week growth spurt/wants to eat all the time/waking on the hour (including throughout the night) while all of his sisters were home.  It made for a tiring week, but we all survived.  The nice weather certainly helped!

We capped off the 10 days with Mason's Baptism and a visit from Father Don!

I'm happy to report, Mason is back on his great bedtime sleeping schedule.  A 6 hour shift, 4 hour, 2 hour, starting around 6:30/7pm.  Mama's happy.

Daddy had the first Friday off to kick off spring break.  We had planned to surprise the girls with a trip to Nickelodeon Universe.  It was so fun to have an older child who was willing to go on the big kid rides with me.  I love rides!  Having fun on the rollercoaster!

The Bigs went for a ride on the bumper cars

 Emma went for a ride on the Merry Go Round
 She picked "freddy" the zebra

 Emma thought it was a good idea to ride Swiper with her big sisters, but we thought she was going to lose it..."Emma no do that one again, just ride Freddy"

And then Mommy and Sally went down the log chute.  How come everyone walking away was hardly wet?  When Sally and I finished the ride we were soaked!!

If you listen closely you can hear me, I'm always animated :)  Nice change of pace to be able to be the fun parent for a change!

Lunch time

 The girls thought it was great we treated them to a Caribou smoothie, Emma kept saying she was drinking Coffee
 Then Libby got ride the Ferris Wheel with Daddy
 Peek, I spy Libby and Reid
 Each one got to feel special and have their family cheer and wave
 I told you the story about me possibly being allergic to Wasps, right?

Well, I might be.

We found this out almost 2 years ago.  Last year, if I wanted to fulfill my prescription for an EPIpen it would have costed us $750!!! I was not about to do that for something that expires in a year.

Then I got stung again and we had a little scare and I decided I better get an EPI, but after they came out with a generic.

Halleluija, they did.  No insurance, straight out of pocket, and a CVS coupon, 2 EPI pens came to a grand total of $12.09.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Now, let's just hope I never have to use them.  Although we already have wasps on our patio.

 Her love for her brother has not weakened.  Love the hand holding
 and then Saturday we surprised the girls with a trip to Safari Island.  Daddy got to be the fun parent this day.  Sally's proud handstand
 Splish Splash
 Was nice to just hang with my little man and watch his sisters and his daddy lovin' on them
 He's such a good dad, and Emma is Miss Independent
 They LOVE the water.  Makes me so excited for Walker this summer

Soaking him up as best we can, can't believe he's already 7 weeks old!
 Even though he was sleeping like crap, he still would hand out morning (and all day) smiles!

 Loves his Mama

 Sunday, the girls came up with an idea to have a drawing sale.  They planned it and executed it all by themself. It was pretty cute!  A friend saw on IG and brought friends to buy paintings.  The girls were so excited
 My purchases

 Remember 100 years ago when I used to watch a little boy, Henry?  His mom and younger sister came out to visit and meet Mason.  It was great to see them and catch up!

Tess with Mason, she was a natural
 Super Girls!
 First Lunch Picnic for the season!
 This is how I get the bathroom cleaned..."lock" the toddler in the Shower
 Neighborhood dance party, Emma wasn't shy
 Who am I kidding, no one in our family is shy when it comes to dancing
Afternoon snacks
 Playing at the park with Theo.  Teaching her safer ways to go down the slide since it's a lot to have a 4:1 ratio...
 We got a "new" kitchen table! We're so excited about it! It came with 6 chairs, a bench and 2 leaves.  Love the extra room it provides! Mama's happy. Thank you to Captain for helping Reid pick it up and the use of his truck!!
 Football buddy...if I haven't said it before, I'm having fun dressing a boy for a change
Our washing machine was fixed.  Your prayers worked, it only took almost 2 weeks instead of an entire month like they initially said

Murphy's Law...

Thursday we went to visit Daddy at work.  It was a lot of fun and surprisingly not very Chaotic.  We made quite a statement walking around with 4 kids
 Buddy system ;)
 Picking the carriers
 Messing up Daddy's desk
 Thank you Lindberg family for the fun crafts the girls were able to do...the best was that Mary sought out ones they could do on their own to give me a little worked! Thank you
 The girls were prepping for Father Don's arrival, they couldn't wait to have another Mass at our house...they loved planning it and picking the readings, songs and writing the petitions
 Getting ready for our walk once the sleeping sisters wake up. Love our little bear cub
 My beautiful bookends
 Our goal this summer is that our walks will last longer than it takes for us to get ready for said walk.  Miggy (LJ) decided she didn't feel like biking, so I had my work cut out for me.  So thankful for the beautiful weather.  Mason's first walk, and first time through the enchanted forest!
 Saturday morning, they adore each other!


Fun playing more than just slap jack with this girl.  She loves the extra one on one time.  I've started to need caffine in the afternoon, a first for this mama!

We made it for a walk to see the horses! Emma was promised to be able to take a picture once we arrived.  Here's her photo

How gorgeous was Saturday?!

We didn't want to dirty the kitchen since we were hosting Mason's Baptism brunch the next day so we decided to go out to celebrate Daddy's awesome review at work. Yum!
 Love this place and we were able to cap off the awesome day and dinner with a peaceful little walk on this cool path around the pond outside the pub (Thank you kari for your stroller, it's already gotten a LOT of use! My chiropractor thanks you too!)
 I'll do a separate post with all of the Baptism pictures.

Today, Mason and Emma slept later into the afternoon, which allowed for more one on one time with LJ after she woke up from her nap.  She's been wanting to play a sight word game on the computer that she earned, but I hadn't gotten a free moment to help her.  Not quite ready to turn her loose on the computer.  She loved every second!
 and then I scored the coolest mom, or wife award!
 Teaching the girls a lesson in history, and the greatest Nintendo system ever...the original!
I think that's a wrap for now! Hopefully I'll be back before 2 weeks :)

Happy APRIL!

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