Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Not sure where we left off, so here's some pictures and I'll try and fill in the blanks

My Godson William swam in the Catholic School k-8th grade conference State swim meet.  Uncle Joey and I went to cheer him on.  So proud of his bravery and awesome speed! He didn't get 1st, but he had a PR!

We've been outside every chance we can get! Busy times at the park, I need an extra arm and an extra set of eyes!
 Mr. Mason grabbing hold! This Bird has been a baby's favorite over and over and over again, so many smiles, giggles and chatter!
 Thank you pinterest for the idea of no more spilled bubbles, tape it to a pole!
 I spy a Happy Baby enjoying some Vitamin D!
 Little Miss LJ loves to have her snack outside.  Days are creeping closer and closer to her becoming a Kindergartner!
 Sister Secrets!
 Emma's love and obsession for Mason has not weakened, she's still going strong on loving him, every chance she can!
 One of these days it was National Siblings Day! Grandma Peggy should be proud of her hard work ;)
 C-Mile Sibs!
It's fun to wonder:
Who will be the glue that holds them all together
the rule follower
the adventure taker
who will marry first
who will become a parent first
My Hope is that they are always there for one another, for all of the successes and failures...and that they take good care of Reid and I when we're old and gray.

It was Sally's classes turn for the weekly Wednesday Mass at school.  She was picked to do the 1st reading!  So proud of her courage and bravery!


Thank you Natalie for the great pictures.  The girls were giggling because Mason was waving at them :)
 and then I thought it was a good idea to schedule Mason's 2 month appointment (a shot and an oral one), Libby's 5 year well visit (2 shots) and catch up on shots for Emma (2 shots) because I had Daddy's help.  We DID survive, but I don't think I'll try and coordinate that many visits again.  ooof.  Thankful for heatlhy kiddos!
 Mr. Mason turned 2 months!!  He's doing wonderfully! He usually goes to bed around 6:30/8pm wakes at 1:30am and 430/530am.  and then has 2-3 naps throughout the day.  He's full of smiles.  Beginning to giggle and lots and lots of coos and talking.  He's such a joy!  He's taking the bottle like a champ, Daddy fed him and put him down last Thursday so I could attend Holy Thursday Mass-solo!!

Height:23 3/4 inches -80%
Weight: 13#-81%
Head: 16.5 in???Cm??-91% (allll the kiddos have had big heads!)

 Hiiiiii Sweet boy!
 Extra Snuggles for LJ as she's the last to go to bed because she still takes awesome naps!


Sally lost another tooth.  She learned after 2 full days of a REALLY wiggly tooth, that her Mama doesn't lie.  It really doesn't hurt if you let your mom pull your tooth out.  2 teeth down, how many to go?
 We got EGGED! Fun neighbors egged us, hid 12 eggs around our house and then we passes the egging on to neighbors, so fun!

The quick get away

The girls helping Daddy sand and stain our new to us table!
 Emma being goofy and silly after naps

Sally and Libby decided to start writing their own books.  I'm quite impressed.  This girl is really taking off in her reading and spelling and sounding words out.  She loves to learn just like Sally!
 Libby's back at swimming lessons.  A chance for her to have some one on one with a parent during a week night.  Sally got her turn with Basketball

and then we had 4 days off for spring break.  1-2-3-4 Gang's all here! It's going to be a busy summer.  The days will certainly fly by!
 Proud little lady of her tower building! Figuring out the biggest to smallest all on her own


Happy Hump Day!

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