Sunday, April 30, 2017

Daddy's 32!

How is it already the last day of April?! These days, weeks and months have been flying right on by! Yikes!

Mason continues to be growing like a weed and is happy, all smiles, giggles and chatter when he's awake.  Last night he went to bed at 6pm and didn't wake up 3am!!! Rockstar

First time rocking short-sleeves! Hopefully after this crazy cold weather and SNOW FLURRIES, we'll be back to short-sleeves in no time!

[VIDEO] Libby did the recording for me

 Mom, take a picture of me and Mason! Always knows where he is and what he's up to. Can my give him a kiss? Can my see him? Can my hold him? Can my bless him? These two will make quite the pair
 Sally's lego goodness, she asked me to take a picture of
 C-Mile Sisters, so fresh and so clean clean
 Daddy turned 32 on Friday! We had fun having him home from work.  We sprinkled his day with a few of his favorites, but he mostly just wanted low-key and to have family time.

Morning giggles

We joked...32, geez, you're getting old, you better start having kids ;)
 This picture cracks me up.  All we need is Mason hanging out at the bottom of the sign.  I've passed on my love of birthdays, Sally and Libby couldn't wait to sneak downstairs once daddy got in the shower, so we could get to decorating!
 May all your wishes come true, BP, we love you!
 Saturday morning at Fleet in their Jammies and flip flops
 Reid bought and built a new gun for his birthday.  I arranged for he and two of his friends to go to the range to shoot it.  I thought it best if he shoot it with other people who would care about the "coolness" of it :)
 Thanks Todd and Ryan for going with Reid!
 My Boys!


Tummy time...not impressed :)
 Full on Giggles before heading to bed

It was nice to get back to our routine 830am Sunday Mass.  3 Sundays of extra dress up and plan ahead nursing got to be a lot (Baptism, Easter, 1st Communion).  Sally was invited home with a friend after Mass, so daddy did fun crafts with the girls while I fed and put Mason down

A few more 1st Communion pictures from friends and family.  Sally is still so excited about receiving Communion, she got to do so at school Mass on Wednesday and then again this morning.  Hope she always stays that excited. What a blessing!

These 2 or so sweet and something special

 This 1st Communion was Daddy's when he was little!
 Her special plate!
 Emma & Madden
 Sally and Reice
 Cannon & Emma
 Opening gifts
 Gramps and Mason
 Sally and Libby snapping pictures of Daddy and Grandpa planting grass


Happy last day of April! Looking forward to some warmer weather and celebrating Sally's GOLDEN birthday!!

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