Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mason's Baptism

So thankful for all of our family that came over to help us celebrate Mason's Baptism, especially his Godparents Emily and Brian!

I'm not going to lie, I missed being able to have the baptism during the Mass.  I think our church isn't able to do that otherwise we would be having multiple baptisms every Mass, our parish is that young.  Soooo, we had Mass from 10:30-11:30 and then the Baptism went from 11:30-12:30.  I did not expect it to take that long.  Thank goodness I made a last minute decision to pump a few ounces just in saver!  We discovered he'll take the bottle not just warmed up, win win!

Also, very thankful for the extra space to host and the extra space our new table provided.  We appreciated the help of our neighbors to cook one of our egg bakes so we didn't have to wait an hour after getting home to eat.  I used the auto timer on our oven for the other too...very slick. Thank goodness I provided an end time too, phew!

You'll be seeing a lot of these dresses...Baptism, Easter and 1st communion!
 Gramps and our Girls
 2 months apart
 2 weeks apart
 He's a pro at the baby holding and calming down

 For each of our Babies there's been a moment during their baptism where they have the biggest, most genuine smile.  This was that moment for Mason and you can see it in my face.  He even gave out a little giggle
 Yessss, God's Kingdom is forever open to me
 Thanks Guys!
 Showing off his happiness
 Giving some smiles for Grandma
 Is it time to go home and Eat yet? Can someone get me out of this white tux?
 He was quite hungry, but the Holy water calmed him down [VIDEO]

 Love the series of these pictures.  The awkward lighting of the candle, not sure what to do or when you can blow it out :)

 You can tell by my face, enough of the explanations, let's wrap this up, alllllll the kids are seconds from meltdowns

 Mason's wonderful Godparents!
 The Craigmile Crew!  Because of the lengthy baptism ceremony we snapped 2 quick pictures and flew home!
 The kid's table
 Snuggles with his Godmother
 Mason got a lot of wonderful Baptism gifts.  Especially loved this personalized one.  Emily was even able to pick the hairstyle and color of his eyes.  So cute!
 and then Father Don got to home and stay with us.  He provided us with another personalized Mass at our house.  The girls had been prepping for it for a while with picking out the readings, songs and writing the petitions.  Thank you for these special memories, Father Don!

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