Monday, April 24, 2017

Sally's 1st Communion

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating many things.  Thank you to my mom for coming down to hang for the weekend so she could babysit our kiddos and help prep for Sally's 1st Communion celebrations.

These celebrations have gone really, very well, but Mama's ready for a nice easy Sunday Mass.  Baptism, Easter and 1st Communion!  2 Birthdays to go!

1.  The weather this weekend was Gorgeous, I may or may not have gotten my suit on and caught some rays!

2. Mason is THE BEST BABY EVER!! Even if he wasn't, we would obviously still love him.  But boy oh boy do I love him so!  He is so chill, demands very little of me and is just so happy and smiling and chatting and patient.  He was a ROCKSTAR sleeper, I don't know if he's going through a growth spurt or just getting in a groove.  Both Mom and Dad left him for the first time this weekend.  He basically slept the whole time too. Grandma Babysat from 6-11:30pm and Mason slept from 5:15-11pm!! and continued to sleep the rest of the night.

3.Sally Ann is just the sweetest.  She's on her way to sainthood.  She is on fire for her faith and I just love it.  She has such passion, it's contagious! She was the sweetest most appreciative little lady and it was a joy to witness.  If you know a little about the Catholic Faith, you'll understand how beautiful it is that Sally received her 1st Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday.  You'll also understand how special that is to Sally since she chose to research and represent Saint Faustina earlier this year.
After we got back to our pew from her receiving Communion for the first time, she whispered to me, "Mom, I DO feel different, I felt Jesus go right into my heart." Proud parent moment.  Love our little community, she gets the importance of Faith at home, but also at school and all of her great friends. So very grateful!

 There are 6 dates you can choose from to receive this sacrament.  So wonderful that two of her great friends got to share this special day together

 Moms and Daughters.  I have a feeling this will pop up on their High School Graduation slideshow and they'll still be the best of friends! Such sweet innocence!
 Dads and Daughters! So grateful for these wonderful families

 We're so proud of you sweet Sally Ann!
 Sweet Libby is so selfless is days like these, letting Sally be the star and not getting jealous or disappointed that she doesn't have gifts to open or a new fancy dress.  Libby is always so darn proud and excited for her sister, it's so great to witness
 Sally's Godparents.  Appreciative of the sacrifices they made to come and celebrate this day with her!
 Sweet Nana!
 Wish I had snapped more of other Grandparents and family members, but we're trying to enjoy more moments instead of always being behind the camera.

The girls getting to send snapchats to Mom from Nana's phone.  Sally with some peanuts stuck in her teeth
 and more filters and captions all on her own
 Friday night we attended the Gala for the kids' school.  Thank you to the Peytons for inviting us to their table again this year.  It was a great kick-off to being back out without kiddos.  Mason made it easy by sleeping the whole time.  And Grandma made it easy by being here for the first one.  It's not easy to think about a sitter coming to take on our 4 kiddos!

More fun and wonderful families part of our great community...are you sensing a theme and how much I love our church and school community? :)
 The girls quick pic in the slideshow
 Besties, two-peas-in-a-pod Love what they are for each other!
 The Ladies!
 and a random picture of my favorite little man, sporting my favorite little pants!
 Strollin' around the 'hood with Emma.  Miss Chatterbox rockin' her sunnies.  She's such a hoot
 aaaaaaaaaaaand my bestie had her baby last week, a GIRL!!! Welcome to the world Miss Mia, we are so very glad you're here! We love you sweet girl! I have a feeling Mr. Mason & Miss Mia are going to have some fun memories!

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