Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summa Time

It's been a hot Hot HOT one this summer!!  We've been enjoying it the best we can.  How is it already August??

Holy cow, thank you again for the overwhelming love and excitement for C-Mile 4.0!! It just keeps coming, we love it!!

Last Friday we met old friends at a Penny Carnival, the weather was perfect and the kids were great!

Daddy's map Sally helped him make so they could follow along while he was on his work trip in Cali.

 We were glad to have him home!!

What happens at the park with Daddy stays at the park...sometimes I don't even want to know ;)

We had fun with the Martinson Family on the lake on Sunday!

Maui mat fun!

 Double Trouble!
 Everyone jumping off the mat at the same time
 Dads of Daughters!
 Such sweet sweet girls!
 Hip Hip Hooray!
 When your friends love your kids like their own...heart melted

Libby had her last T-ball game on Monday.  If there had to have been an MVP of the game, it would have been her, I promise I'm not even being biased.  The Head Coach of the other team was pretty entertaining and a great commentator. When one of his batters was nearing the plate to bat, he warned the Red Rhinos that this kid could hit, and he could!  However, Rockstar Libby was an amazing outfielder.  He hit a hard hit ground ball, Libby had her glove it the ready position, moved it to the right spot to stop the ball in it's tracks.  Everyone was impressed.  Mr. Commentator said "Woah, don't hit it to that Girl!!"  Fun way to end her summer T-ball season!

Can you tell which one Libby colored and which one Sally did?
 I was impressed!
 Summer 2016.  The summer Sally & Libby became best of friends.  Their arguments and sibling fighting has been very minimal.  They play and play and play all day long with such great imaginations!! Love watching this relationship blossom and grow!
 When Sally's 15 she wants to work on a farm, which means Libby will be 12 and she wants to help.  Here are the animals they would like to have...
 Yesterday was National Night Out.  There hasn't been anyone in the past who has officially organized this.  I think most are interested, but no one wants to head it.  Luckily we had a neighbor willing to throw an idea out, the morning of.  We're excited for the years to come!! I love our 'hood!!
 Face paint from School Open house and uniform Sale!

 Thomas, Erin and Savannah made a pitstop on their way to camping, we had a super fun and relaxing day of visiting and just hanging.  How many C-Mile Sisters does it take to help Savannah walk?
 So sweet!

Happy Hump Day!

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