Friday, July 29, 2016

C-Mile 4.0

We're having another baby and we couldn't be more excited about it!!

Baby C-Mile 4.0 is due to arrive early February.

I've always wanted a February baby.

It's after the hustle and bustle of the holidays and before super nice weather, where you feel guilty if you're too tired to get outside and enjoy the 4 nice days we get the whole year.  I'm kidding, kind of.  I'll get to enjoy hibernating and figuring life out with 4 kiddos and then hopefully come spring/summer I'll be getting a little more sleep, we'll be on a little more of a schedule and have a little bit of a handle on how to manage 4 kiddos.

I've had 3 babies, so I've had plenty of time to think this through and perfect our likely last planned pregnancy :)

I know some are thinking of it, so I'll just lay it all out there for you.  No, we are not trying for a boy.  We just want to add another member to our crew, boy or girl, whatever God finds fit.  We're just praying for it to be healthy.  I know it's meant well when it's asked or said, but if you really think about what it means, it means as if our 3 girls are disappointments to us because they're not a boy, and that couldn't be farther from the truth and I'm pretty sure 99% of the people that ask or think it, don't intend it that way.  Here's a little article that helps shed a little light on that topic Click HERE

As with the other three, we will not be finding out ahead of time.  We LOVE the surprise!!

I've been feeling pretty similar as I did with the other 3 pregnancies.  Reid has stepped it up, as have the girls.  It has helped that it's summer and it's easier to be active and distracted.  As well as it being summer, no school and all 3 sisters being home...I can't just lay around, I've got to power least until Reid gets home :)

There isn't a moment during this pregnancy or my other three that I don't think of how blessed we are to have the gift of fertility.  I pray so many times a day for anyone who would give anything to have morning sickness or to have a colicky baby.  I keep those people in mind and keep my complaining to a minimum and instead turn it over to the Lord.  My heart hurts for those of you so incredibly much, you are not forgotten or overlooked.

We waited to tell the girls until after our first appointment when we were able to hear the strong healthy heart rate.  I was SO excited to let them in on the little secret and they didn't disappoint.  They are so so excited and proud and obsessed.  Sally loves on and talks to Munchkin (her nickname for the baby)every second of every day.  Libby isn't too far behind and chimes in quite often as well.  Yesterday in the car they were divvying up who will have baby duties when.

Sally discovered her bus comes an hour later than it did when Emma was a newborn so she has an extra long time to snuggle with the baby in the morning before she goes to school.  But knows she'll have to fight daddy for the rights until he leaves for work.

Libby will get lunchtime duty with the baby so Mommy can get lunch ready for everyone.

Then Sally will get dinnertime duty once she's home from school so Mommy can get dinner ready for everyone and once Daddy gets home from work he'll get the baby unless Mommy needs to feed it.

But in all reality no one is going to get a chance to touch the baby because Emma is a baby HOG and she will hit and slap and shout at you if you dare try and lay a finger on HER baby!

Take a look at the video Reid took when Emma handed Sally a note that said Emma was going to be a Big Sister.  Don't mind my awesome hair...Emma also has a problem if mom decides to wear a ponytail and pulls it out

I had a little foreshadowing in what's to come with 4 kids...pure chaos maybe?  This morning we took the picture that I was going to post on social media to announce it.  I wanted to keep Emma inside while I set the Bigs up, otherwise by the time I was ready to take the picture she'd want nothing to do with it.  This way if I wouldn't let her right away she'd want everything to do with it.

I had to close the glass patio door because she can open the screen door and get out.  Girlfriend LOCKED US OUT!!! I was in my pjs and no bra.  Luckily we do have a spare key hidden and I had JUST unlocked the garage deadbolt minutes before we headed out the patio.  It gave me a good chuckle.

At any rate. Thank you.  Thank you for the over flowing comments and messages and calls of excitement for our newest addition.  Whether it's the 1st baby or the 10th each one should be celebrated!!

Thank you Kari, for helping with the shirts.  When we laid them out it made it a little more real, as to what 4 kids really will look like!

God is good and we are forever grateful for his generosity and trust in giving us these beautiful and perfect children to raise!


Happy 30th Birthday to Emma's awesome Godfather, Thomas!!! We can't wait to see you next week!!

Happy Weekend Ya'll

Craigmile Crew Party of SIX!!!

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