Friday, July 1, 2016

We can do Hard Things

Sunday night, Molly and I headed to Woodbury to meet and listen to the one and only, Glennon!!

 She's so very entertaining and insightful.  A great public speaker
 Our seats rocked!!
 and then we got to meet her!

 She posted this on her social media sites
 Go Red Rhinos.  Our cute middle on 1st base.
 Supportive Sisters {LJ's now on 2nd}
 Then I got to sneak away for a minute to have a relaxing girls night with Kari and Lyndsay.  Such a beautiful night to be sitting out on her porch and sipping wine!

aaaand then I woke up to Libby having the flu.  Poor thing.  Luckily we were always successful in making it to the toilet and it was short lived.  Prayers it doesn't get to me, Libby or Emma!

I got to sneak out that night too, to meet with a group of ladies from church that are reading "Blessed are You: Finding Inspiration from our sisters in Faith" By Melanie Rigney.  Another beautiful and inspiring evening on the lake at Lola's.

Libby was feeling a bit better the next day.  She conquered puzzles on the front step while Emma had fun with her slide and tunnel.

 So many giggles each time she crawled through
 Then we got to have Hudson over, to give his mom a little break while she took Emersyn to the doctor!

They played so great together!
 This courageous, brave and old girl has been having a blast at camp this week! So many fun memories! So proud of her willingness!!

 Emma thought it was funny to sit in a new car while we dropped our car off at the dealership to get some warranty work done :)
 Enjoying my summer days with my girls!

and that's a wrap for June!

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