Friday, July 22, 2016


Gah, how is it already July 22nd?

We're still here, enjoying our summer.  We were up in Walker last week.  I was scolded by Delores this morning that I haven't updated the blog in a long time :)

Here I am, updating.  Sometimes it just seems so overwhelming to collect, organize and post all the pictures.  Especially coming back from vacation and there's triple the amount.

Alas, I powered through and I did it.  Although, I decided not to post any Walker pictures until I have them all...ahem Jenny, Mom, George, Joey ;)

Soooooooo here's what we've been up to since my last post.

I'm not quite sure where I was during this time, but the girls were having fun playing dinosaurs with Daddy

Hatching out of her egg

Heading home from a great time at the beach

The girls enjoyed watching the Woman's Gymnastic Olympic Trials! Looking forward to many more viewings and events when the Olympics are on!

They love to bike up to Holy Family and then play in the tennis courts
 This is what happens when you arrive to Costco before it opens...they all get let out of their "cages".  Emma thought it was so silly.  Why do they have to open so late? The day already seems half over by 10am.
 Being silly with top buns!
 Ooooooh miss naughty pants.  Found a way to stack the pillows and climb on the table
 and then pretended she was going to can you not just laugh and take pictures?

The girls love it when the local police ride their horses through our neighborhood
 Kodak moment the other afternoon when we were all out playing.  The Emma, Brecken and Theo headed to the chairs in shade and read some books.
 So adorable!
 Alisha is so good to our girls.  She is always on top of what they've been up to, talks to them about clothes and girl things.  Let's them come and help teach her boys how to make their bed, and then she lets Sally snuggle sweet Emersyn!  We love our time with the Johnsons!
 Libby is really picking up on T-Ball.  She was an outstanding fielder last Monday. She's so proud!
 The cutest little T-ball Fan.  She screams so loud for LJ when she spots her and when she's up to bat.
 Reid took Monday off...we've learned how important it is to take the day after vacation off, to ease back in to reality.  I took advantage of him being home to have some special time with Sally and I and take her to the American Girl Doll Store at MOA.  Uncle Marc had given her some money for her birthday to spend toward clothes for Maryellen.
 She picked out her birthday dress!
 How crazy/creepy/cool is this shadow from the sun?  It looks like an angel looking over Libby's bed.
 Enjoyed a super peaceful girls night with Kari and Lyndsay, earlier this week.  Thanks for the great food and drinks, Kari!
 I'm always interested in Kari's oils that she uses.  She surprised me with a diffuser and a few oils of my own.  We're big fans around here.  Thank you!!

ps can you see my window boxes in the background of this picture?  They have EXPLODED, and without the help of any miracle grow or anything.  I'm super proud, I don't typically have a green thumb!
 This little punkin has been doing a great job of learning how to let her mama clean the house or clean up breakfast or lunch and just play with her sisters, or on her own.
 My baby is turning in to a big girl!
 Yesterday we were suppose to take the Bigs to the horse races.  Reid's work was sponsoring a little picnic there.  However, due to the heat, the races were cancelled.  Since we already had a sitter lined up for Emma, we improvised and took the Bigs to see Finding Dory.  They thought it was the greatest thing that we let them eat Icees and Popcorn for dinner.  An added bonus that Sally's 1st grade teacher and her family had decided to do the same thing.

SUPER CUTE movie!  I would HIGHLY recommend it.  I think I might have liked it even better than Finding Nemo.

Since when does every seat in the Theatre recline and have a footrest?!! I was way impressed. Clearly I need to make it to the movies a little more often!
 This morning we headed back to SLP to visit one of our favorites, Delores!! Was so fun to see her and to catch up!!

aaaaaaaaaand that's a wrap for now.  Can't promise I'll be back anytime soon ;) We've got more summer to soak up, before it slips away! 38 days until school starts, but who's counting?

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