Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beatin' the Heat

Hi there! Are you surviving the heat and humidity?  We've had a good mix of inside activities and getting out to play in it too.

Reid's in the middle of a week long work trip to California.  It's been going pretty well back here on the home front.  Makes me appreciate he rarely has to travel for work and makes me wonder how I ever survived two nights a week for 3 1/2 years of him being gone at class.

We've been able to video chat for a few minutes before he starts his day.  Emma thinks it's the greatest thing.  After we hang up she shouts, "DAD!! HIIIIIIIIIII!!"

We got the pool and hose out a few times last week and weekend

 Little Miss hates touching the rug by the front door...

Welcoming Daddy home Saturday morning as he returned from his Patriarch group at church
 Daddy's girls



Soooooo I've been mentioning to Reid that I want to cut Emma's hair. I didn't want to take her to the kid's place to pay for something that I could probably just do myself.  While Reid took himself and the Bigs to go get their haircut, I chopped off Emma's.  I may have taken a little more than I meant to (hair, especially curls are ALWAYS longer when it's when and brushed out...), but it turned out so cute!

Here's how much I chopped!  All 3 girls got 3-4 inches off, each.  All have declared, I want my hair short all the time!!
 Checking out the damage
 I wike it!
 Before heading out for Sunday Mass Sally said, "Mom, take a picture of the C-Mile Sisters and our matching hair cuts!"

While Daddy is in California he had a few hours where he had to travel to Mexico to tour a facility...I'm happy to report he made it there and back safely and with no mosquito bites ;)

Sally and Libby have been doing a great job of playing and playing and playing, with minor arguments and fighting.  I found this downstairs from when they played school.  Sally's schedule for the day.

I sucked it up and brought the girls to the sand bottom pool yesterday.  Everyone had a great time and we came home with minimal sand ;)

Thankful for our awesome Sitter who was over last night so I could go to my church book club and she'll be back again tonight so I can see Jenny's new house! Also thankful for her mom who is so willing to drop her off and pick her up since Reid's gone!

Here's to hoping my remaining solo days go as smoothly as the first half have gone.

Happy Hump Day!

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