Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8 Years

Today, Reid and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage!  Thanks for always helping to remind me to enjoy the journey and not just the destination.  What a ride it has been :)

The girls have been secretly decorating these cards for us and then brought them in this morning.  They're so sweet!

 "That's a groom guy, Mom"

Feels like yesterday and 100 years ago, all at the same time.

Mommy's Back!! More and more everyday I'm getting back to my old self, more energy and less nausea.  You'll notice it in the fun activities below ;)

A fun little video I posted when I was 14 weeks, the sound is baby's heartbeat that I recorded from our last appointment

Sally finished up her 5 weeks of VBS. She had a great time and it was a great ending, with a whole group Mass.  Before heading to Mass, Libby and Emma got their wiggles out during the final song
 This is how we Costco...crazy to think I'll get to do most of my errands with just Emma for a few months!
 We have the best neighbors! Alisha surprised me with her BOGO the other day, just because!

Sally got a Iced Hot Chocolate, she was a big fan.  Thank you Johnson Crew, for thinking of us!
 We brought out all the toys for some water fun after naps.  It was great, minus the mosquitoes!

 Daddy had his annual guys weekend in Alex, so mommy got to provide the weekend fun.  Saturday morning donuts! Emma was delighted to walk the whole time and pick out and carry her own donut!
 Fishing with the boys
 Daddy sent us this picture.  All weekend Emma kept remembering Daddy was gone and would say, "DAD! catch. and then make a fish face"

 After we had donuts we made it out for a long walk/bike, it was a beautiful morning!
 The guys did some good cookin'

Love this little Ham

 Their annual golf pic
 We welcomed a new baby girl to our group.  Welcome to the world Molly Kay, we're so glad that you're here.  Congratulations Nordeen family, she's perfect!

We've had this stepping stone kit for like 3 years, I finally helped the girls make it and then they did the painting
 Gosh it's been a great summer for these two sisters!
Reid's small group from church had a get together to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary! Can you spot who was mad she didn't get to hold the baby? :)

Little Miss  Hugger asking for hugs from Brecken all day every day.  He's so sweet and gentle with her!

 Pregnancy Cravings.  Thank you Nana and Gramps for the fresh tomatoes and cucumbers!!
 Big girl was excited to get one of Nana's muffins as a reward for using the toilet!  Cannot believe she's going to be TWO in two months!!!
 Their final products :)

I'm excited for a date night with my groom to celebrate our anniversary.  Pittsburgh Blue...maybe some steak, maybe some lobster, maybe a little of both?  Cheers to many more years!

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