Friday, August 26, 2016

The Last of It

I can't believe that this is Sally's last week day of summer.  It sure went crazy fast.  We really have had a wonderful summer.  The nice balance between the sisters playing so well together, and the awesome neighborhood that we live in to just go out at play whenever they want.

I'm excited for her, because this will be the first, first day of school she's a regular.  It's not a new school and she's not the new kid.  In fact, she's the farthest thing from it, she's knows everyone!  We're looking forward to a great year!

Emma and Brecken, two peas in a pod.  Not quite old enough to keep up with all of the Bigs.  A friendship in the making!

"Hi Emma, wanna play? We're not going to fill up the pool today."

Every day after naps Emma runs to the front door to see if the Johnson Fam is outside playing.  If she spots them, she shouts "BABE!!" She loves her some Baby Emersyn!

Theo is also one of her BFFs, she'll shout his name all day long, especially once she spots him! My favorite is when they call out to one another from their car windows!

 When did she turn 100?

Helping Feed Baby Em
Just like her Daddy
 Rainy day coloring

 Daddy Daughter time...who knows!

We celebrated Grandma Peggy's 60th Birthday on Saturday.  She hosted a birthday party at their condo Saturday morning

 Everyone was assigned a number based on when they entered the family
 Sweet Bobby trying to help turn Emma around...she wasn't havin' it
 Happy 60th Grandma!  Love, your Grandkids!
 More Daddy Daughter time

We get some good laughs out of Snapchat filters

Emma and Libby Face Swap

 Sally and Emma face swap

C-Mile Sisters
 And then we got sitters and the adults celebrated my mom turning 60 by going to W.A. Frost in St. Paul.  Such a bummer it was a rainy day, as we were hoping to sit on the patio, but we still had a great time.

 Happy 60th Mom (Peggy), Love, Your Kids!

Sally and I went to Mae's Birthday party, so Daddy hung out with the youngens
 Happy Birthday, Mae!  How awesome did Molly do on her puppy cake!!
 Daddy/Libby Face Swap....gross
 Tuesday was picture day at school as well as meet your teachers.  Here's our 2nd grader!!

C-Mile Sisters!  Emma placed herself in the picture :)
 Our 2nd year of Pre-Schooler
 Sally's first bit of homework was an all about me sheet.  Proud parenting moment when I saw this answer.
 Love the cooler weather!  We went for a fun bike ride yesterday morning
 and then I got all 3 girls to take a nap during nap time!  Sally napped this day because we were hoping to stay a little later at Canterbury for the horse races!
 Reid's department at work hosted an evening at Canterbury.  It was rescheduled from July, due to the races being cancelled for the heat.  Last night was a gorgeous night to go.  Emma didn't make the cut ;) She stayed back with our awesome sitter, Kaylee.  It allowed us to stay a little later.  However, Emma was the big winner! The last race we bet on there was a horse named Double Bee Sting and we made sure to put that down for Emma.  It was a big upset and that horse got 1st place!

We had a great time!

Pretzel lovers, just like their mama!

They got to pet a few horses throughout the night

Love Libby's reaction after she was brave enough to pet the horse

 Great memories!

We split up to get some snacks.  Libby was excited to find us again

 Reid's boss' Boss was impressed with how polite the girls were and that they shook hands, introduced themself and looked people in the eye.  He gave them a few extra bucks to get more treats.  We ended the night with some Mini Donuts.  Thank you Rob!!

To top the night off, the girls were excited that they were able to see the stars on the way home. It was a crystal clear night and they were SO excited to be able to spot the Big Dipper and the North Star.  They've been talking about it all day!

The last of our Snap Chat fun!

Emma Bee

Sally Bee

Libby Bee

Neighborhood Watch

Happy FriYaY! Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

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