Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School Traditions

We had a lots of fun things leading up to Sally's first day of school.  On Saturday we did our annual back-to-school manicures!

One chose maroon and gold for the Gophers and one chose purple and gold for the Vikings.  So, for those of you that feel sorry Reid has 3 daughters, they're probably more like him than they are me.  He's doing just fine, I promise!

Emma did a Costco run with Daddy, but asked for her nails to be done too.  Earlier this summer her polish was called Boom Boom, so she calls her painted nails boom booms

Then we had some lazy days with lots of playtime.  I don't quite remember what this game was, but the girls thought they were pretty funny

 Makin' Forts!
 There Emma goes, being 100 again!
 Sally and Daddy's work during quiet time

Preppin' first day of school carmel rolls!

 Another proud Daddy moment...
 She picked French Toast with strawberries and apples for her back-to-school dinner!
 She makes me so proud to be her mom!
 C-Mile Supportive Sisters!
 Oh Emma, always throwing in her own pose!
 Love this crew! We did a "Craigmile Crew on 3" like a sports team would do, before heading the bus.  Love my people!!
 She was excited about her new back pack this year that she got to design herself!
 This one makes me tear up.  Libby had a rough morning.  She was sad to send her sister off on the bus.  She's all too aware of what it means, less play time and earlier bed times.  We'll adjust in no time, and they'll savor the moments they do get.  Love their bond!

I'm also VERY aware of how quickly this year is going to go and next LJ will be joining Sally on that bus :(

And off she goes! Thankful for a repeat bus driver!
 Traditionally the first day we follow the bus to school to give one more set of hugs and a quick picture at her desk.  She was so confident and excited, she knows everyone! :)
 And then the littles and I headed for a couple quick errands with a Mama reward first :)

My helpers making Sally's first day of school chocolate chip cookies for when she gets home!

 Are they done yet?
 GodMother Meggers surprised Libby with a super special heart necklace!!! To say she Loves it would be an understatement!  Thank you Meggers! Love you!

Give this one a little extra attention

Loving the new principal at our school.  So proud to be a part of this awesome community!!

Happy last Day of August!

**We had a prenatal appointment today and all is great and exactly how it should be for C-Mile 4.0.  Strong heart rate at 140. (Sally's was 138, Libby's was 145 and Emma's was 140). Thankful and Grateful!

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