Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Joerger Family Reunion 2016

Last weekend we had a wonderful time up at Luther Island Camp celebrating the Joerger Family Reunion.  My goodness the Joerger siblings did a fabulous job putting on this reunion.  They sure set the bar high for future generations.

Also, if you put Grandma Gen on the prayers you know the job will get done.  She was to pray for the weather.  Did you notice the dew point and humidity drop this weekend? It couldn't have been more perfect!

Thank you to my mom for helping with our girls, especially Friday night when we got to enjoy a kid free night!

A few pictures to give you a peek at the fun weekend!

I got a kick out of this view.  These are a handful of Reid's younger 1st cousins all around 10-16, taking over the lake by kayak :)

While the young adults got to go on a sunset cruise

Thanks Grandma for Peggy for watching our girls!

 Keeping away from the skeeters and cigar smoke, playing a little 9s
 Breakfast time...I'm looking a little tired

If our girls turn out half as good as these girls, we've done a good job.  Love these ladies!
 Breakout sessions.  The 0-5 group and the parents, making some bumble bees
 The cutest little bubble blower

 Matching Brothers
 Sally's group for her breakout session
 Cousins.  Savannah and Emma are the best of friends.  We can't wait for Kansas in September!
 Craigmile Crew!
 Successfully dropped Emma off with Grandma Peggy for nap and the evening, so we can enjoy a day on the beach
oops, this pic should come before the previous, lunchtime with Gramps
 Horse Rides!
 Giddy Up
 More Boat rides
and then the girls got to try tubing for the first time!  Sally and Reid on the left, Regan and Reice on the right
 I couldn't believe it myself.  LJ wanted a go on the tube too!! So impressed with her courage!

 She giggled the whole time
 So impressed with the "closing" program! Nice work Joergers!
 Reid being Reid, obsessed with Eagles
 John with his favorite ;)  C-Mile 4.0 is due on his birthday!
 Later Saturday night I took the bigs to Alex to sleep at Grandma Peggy's.  Reid stayed and played...

Sunday we headed to Grandma Gen's Farm for a quick lunch and then we hit to road to make it back in time for Sunday evening Mass.

What a great weekend with wonderful memories! Thanks for all of those involved in the planning, prep and delivery, it was fabulous!

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