Monday, September 12, 2016

Last Minute Surprise Trip to Duluth--Day 1

Last Friday at 2pm I text Reid:

J::Are you ready for a crazy curveball questions?
R::Uh-oh, yeah, what is it?
J::Should we go to Duluth this weekend?

Fast-forward 2 hours and we had our hotels booked and we were ready to head out first thing the next morning.  We kept the whole thing a surprise from the girls, even the packing.

It was totally last minute, but it wasn't completely out of the blue.  Reid and I had talked about a possible trip to Duluth....ahemm the Mister has never been!!! I know, right?!

So, when we realized we had no plans for the Labor Day Weekend and the weather was supposed to be nice, we made the most of it.  When else can you book hotels for Duluth and know for certain the weather will be great for all of the outdoor activities?

My favorite view of the Twin Cities on our way out of town

Coming in to Duluth

We had lunch at Coney Island, we like to eat at non-chain places when we're traveling and love to find the places the locals well as the tourists.

 And there just happened to be a candy shop right next door :)
 Quick walk around Canal park before heading to the Zephyr Train

The girls were such a great travelers!

Quick little cat nap in the car on the way to the Depot

I was more excited for the train than I should have been.  I wouldn't say it was terrible, but you definitely aren't missing anything if you skip this tourist activity.  Maybe the museum portion is better, but we didn't do that part.

Of course, we still had fun

 Emma looking for Eagles
 Love this one! Totally sums up their unconditional love for one another
 Lots of snuggles and goofies since she only had a cat nap in the car
 Venturing to the upper deck for better views
 View of Duloon as Libby sometimes mistakenly called it :)

With our last minute booking, there weren't many options available, especially for Saturday night.  We knew we wanted 2 nights, so not to rush the travel and the experiences and wear the girls thin.  So we took a chance on a cheaper hotel.  My list included, 2 queen beds a pool and a continental breakfast.  We ended up finding on in Superior, minutes from Duluth.  It was a little sketch, but if I had to stay again, I think I would.

Daddy has the girls a little brainwashed.  As we were crossing the Bridge to Wisconsin Libby said, "Make me wanna puke, puke!"  and I caught it on video :)

Daddy swam with the girls while Mommy went to pick up take out from the Thirsty Pagan, best pizza ever!!

 Night Cap in the Hot Tub

And then we all slept in one room and we got at least 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep with everyone waking at or after 7am.  Yahooooooooo!

Stay tuned for Days 2 and 3 in Duluth!

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