Sunday, September 25, 2016

Go Gophers!

A few weekends ago, on a picture perfect Saturday morning, Nana and Grandpa treated us all to a Gopher Football Game (minus the littles).  Thank you to Kaylee for coming to hang out with Emma and Madden!!

C-Mile Sisters so excited to play with Madden.  Looks like they'll be sooooooo disappointed when C-Mile 4.0 arrives ;)

Emma is used to perfect little Baby Emersyn who sleeps and doesn't say a peep when we play outside.  She thought it was so funny to see Madden sitting up and moving like a real person.

Breakfast before heading to the game

 Heading on the bus to drop us off at the Bank Stadium
 Picture it the Cheerleaders on the way in.  Libby and Reice didn't care to join in on the picture

We spotted the Peyton family on the way in.  Libby, with her Pre-School Friend, Kathleen.  Both of them at their first Gopher game
 Libby's first game! (LJ was a little terrified to be standing on a chair up so high)
 The whole gang.  Thank you Nana and Grandpa for the Memories!
 Gopher Fans!
 It quickly got warm with the wind at our back and the sun in our face, it was wonderful

Snack Break! Girls love giant pretzels like their Mama!
On Sunday we had a quick uniform change after Mass to cheer on the Vikes!
 The girls at their "Eiffel Tower" a special tree they use their imagination at

It was a beautiful Sunday with a bit of a breeze, so we decided to go fly the kite Grandma and George had given us this spring.  It was a lot of fun!

 Everyone got a turn
 Libby does have pants on...
 Even Emma got a turn...she quickly realized she needed to hang on, she let the string go and Daddy went sprinting was pretty entertaining!

 Miss Emma enjoying her only child status M-W-F least until February!

Skol Vikings!

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