Friday, September 23, 2016

Duluth--Final Day

Have no fear, we're still here.  September and back to school has taken over!

We woke up and headed down to enjoy some breakfast. We got to have an awesome view of a big ship coming in

See Beast Face in the back?

She was in her prime

 Waving to Daddy when we went down to get our pool toys

We had a super fun morning in the pool, jumping in, doing handstands and flips and all...mommy included!

The only spot Mommy and Baby couldn't partake

and many more slo-mo videos that I don't have the time to edit and upload :)

Then Daddy led us to the best Sandwich shop--Norther Waters Smokehaus

and we made is just in time to see a large ship come in and then the girls stood under the bridge to pretend it'll fall on their head
The day we all wore hats :)

 Ship coming in hot!

 Big Waves

Sweet Girl got a new Duluth Hat

Bye Duluth, Thanks for the Wonderful Memories!
 Looking so old in her hat
 Twist my arm, ice cream on the way out :)

 signs of a successful trip!

Almost daily one of the girls asks if we can go back to Duluth or if we can live in Duluth...but then I remind them that if we lived in Duluth we wouldn't live in a hotel and have a pool and free breakfast every morning, so then they decided they'll just maybe go to college there, and if we can visit again!

We will be back! Wonderful place, wonderful memories!

I think I still need to post Libby's 1st day of her last year of Pre-School and the whole Craigmile Gang going to a Gopher game and all of the ordinary moments in between!

Happy Friday, Ya'll

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