Monday, September 26, 2016

Thankful & Grateful

I really love Fall weather!

It just makes me so happy!

Tuesday and Thursday mornings when we head out to catch the bus, we often catch the Johnson Family on their way out the door for school.  It's too bad, they don't love Emersyn ;)

Molly and Jenny came over for a visit one morning. We loved our baby snuggles!

It's fun watching these two get closer and closer

Playing nap
 Loves to read her books and rock
LJ's adorable school picture.  I have to take a picture of Sally's. (the only reason Libby's was on my phone camera roll was because we got them during the day and I wanted to send it to Daddy.  Sally's had come the evening before and Daddy saw them when he was home from work...all about fairness!)
 We got lucky and qualified for a new roof compliments of our insurance due to a hail storm.  We both had to be present to sign over the check, so we met Daddy at Chaska one day after work and then we decided on Arby's for dinner, cause we're healthy like that...
 Can you tell who was in Beast Mode? :)
 Oooooh this girl, our doot-ta-doot
 She asked to ride home with Daddy
 Can anyone spot the missing chocolate chip?  Part of one of Nana's Banana Bread Muffins, was her reward for going to bathroom on the toilet
 A few Fridays ago we got to hang out with Pearl for the morning and afternoon.  And then Grandma Peggy came for dinner, but I didn't get any pictures, too busy chatting
 Saturday morning snuggle bugs while Daddy was at his Patriarch Group
 And then Mommy had the grand idea of rearranging Libby's room to prep for SISTER ROOMS!  We already had an extra twin bed, so I thought why not set it up while we have the energy.  We won't be officially switching things around until after Christmas, but it's fun to get ready!  Mr. Emotional (Daddy) wanted to make sure to snap pictures before we made any changes.
 We had already moved the Doll house at this point, but you still get the idea.

This switching around gets me super excited.  I've never completely set up Sally or Libby's room, knowing we would eventually add another child, God willing, and therefore switch it all around again.  I love being able to get things settled and in place.  But of course, I didn't get any after pictures.

While we were moving and switching and rearranging at one point I asked where Emma was...

She got a pair of Libby's flip flops on and made her way out to the patio....stinker pants

Perfect Saturday night for S'mores, Emma's first roasting of a marshmallow
 Crazy Craigmile Crew!
 City living at it's finest...propane football TV mirrored to cell phone screen...can still change the channel with the remote from the patio without moving.  Perfection :)
 Sally and Libby started up with swimming lessons on Sunday.  I was even able to get their lessons at the same place and the same time.  We loved Sally's swim team experience last year, but I wanted her to perfect her strokes a little bit, and also be at a closer pool.
 Sally getting a chance to hold Emersyn.  Soaking up our afternoons outside!
 Last week was a busy week, I had something M-Th night!  One of the nights was a GROW (God Renewing Our Woman) event at our church.  Anna's sister hosted a painting night, it was nice to hang out and chat with the ladies!

Wednesday we hit the 20 week mark.  Half way!! I always get a bit nervous for our 20 week ultrasound as it's our first look at the babe.  All is very well and very healthy.  So very grateful for this wonderful blessing!  C-Mile 4.0's measurements were measuring almost 2 weeks ahead!! I know we're known for our big babies, but they've never measured more than 4 days ahead at the 20 week ultrasound.  Uh-Oh, maybe we'll push the scale over 10 pounds with this one?

Still keeping the gender a surprise.  Ultrasound heart rate was 139 and when we had our prenatal appointment the heart rate was 145.  In the same range as Sally, Libby and Emma's.
 C-Mile 4.0--buttone nose and kissable lips! So bittersweet, I can't believe this really might be it!
 Sally's Ultrasound
 Libby's Ultrasound
 Emma's Ultrasound

Confession: when I was organizing the pictures for the blog I thought "Oh crap, I have two of one.  NOPE, Jackie, you have FOUR kids!!!"
 Friday we celebrated the School Marathon!  Thank you do the Grandparents for your donations!!  Sally's class theme was bright colors and Libby's class theme was favorite football team!

Sally and her friend Anna
 Walking the two miles
 2nd graders loving on Sally's sibs
 We ♥ Mr. Marathon, our new Principal!
 Doot-ta-Doo loved her Popsicle at the end
 Matching Jammies
 Putting their babies to bed
 The other night the C-Mile sisters were anxiously waiting for C-Mile 4.0 to give a little kick

Happy Monday, Happy Last Week of September, Happy Ryder Cup, Happy Everything!

**Whoop Whoop, I think I'm all caught up on the blog...for now**

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