Friday, April 29, 2016

Let the Birthday Celebrations Begin!

Last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with Emma and getting the oil changed in my car.  Luckily we pretty much had the waiting room to ourselves.

She liked to be the greeter and wave to anyone that would walk by

Excited that someone waved back

 Last Friday was Nana's Birthday.  We were excited to make her Triple Chocolate Ghiradelli Brownies!

 Celebrating Nana.  We love to do that for her because she does SO much for others!
 Heading out on the town for our girls' school Gala!
 Fun to be able to get to know Meghan and Matt outside of the Pre-school drop off line or story hour at the library.  As you can see, our husbands are a bit similar...photobombers ;)
 Thank you Peytons for your generosity, what a fun night!!

Saturday morning is for wearing whatever you want so the adults can sit and sip on coffee all morning long :)

 Nana's Birthday Dinner Celebration.  How awesome does she look?!
 Early celebrations for Daddy and Sally

 Thank you Nana for the blowers...
 Sally's new purse from Nana and Gramps!
Father Don came to visit a few days this week.  He asked if it would be ok to have Mass at our house.  It was so special! What an awesome memory for the girls.  They keep asking for another, so I hope you know Father, each time you come, we'll have to have Mass!

Each of the Girls' Baptismal candles.  Holy Water from Grandma Peggy.  Silver cup from Sally's Baptism

Chalice and crucifix (not pictured) from our wedding
 Libby was the cross-bearer, Sally did the reading, we all did the petitions and the Big Girls brought down the gifts.  As soon as it was over, they asked to do it again.  As soon as they woke up in the morning, they asked for a Mass. Thank you thank you Father Don!

We're getting some new siding, we've got some window peepers...hopefully Emma does a good job napping in the basement for a few a days.

Yesterday Reid turned 31! His girls adore him. He gives us his everything. We know he would do anything for us.  We love him with our whole hearts and are so very thankful God chose him for us.  Thank you for all of the love, joy and laughter you provide to fill up our lives, every single day! Happy Birthday to our Main Man, we love you!

 Little Stinker Pants ;)

Birthday Celebrations!  Emma wasn't too interested in the pictures, she wanted to dig in to her ice cream!

A little peek into what happens immediately following a picture :)

This girl.  What a spunky little thing she is.  This morning, she walked around in these heels like she was born in them.  Couldn't see a darn thing because Daddy's new hat was covering her eyes and she colored all over the wall with a black crayon...

Happy Friday!! Cheers to a girls night tonight and date night tomorrow night, and SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNSHIIIIIIIIIINE!


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