Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter 2016

We had a wonderful Easter!  We headed up to Alex to celebrate Easter with Grandma and George.  It was Mommy's first time back to Alex since July 4th!!! With the move and then we hosted for all of the holidays, I just never had an opportunity to make it back.  It was great to be back.

Thank you to Grandma and George for having us and the delicious Easter Feast, as the girls called it!

Before we headed out of town the Easter Bunny surprised us with a visit to our house, hiding eggs around the yard!  It seemed it was the same bunny that surprised us last year.  We were so excited the bunny knew to find our new house!! We love that bunny and the memory she blesses our family with!!

Spotting more and more eggs!
 Their favorite part of Grandma and George's house...the bunk bed!

Is it summer yet?
 Reid took the little lady outside for a little bit of fresh air, and got some pretty cute pictures

 Time to dye eggs!
 Bedtime stories
 Checking out the Easter Bunny's Note
 Helping Emma find her basket

 I think she likes her new truck from the Easter Bunny
 Truuuuuuuuuuggggh Go Go GO
 Happy Easter from the Craigmile Crew!
 Emma loved the sister photo shoot
 Waiting for the Easter Feast to be ready
 Craigmile Crew without the sun in our eyes
 Playtime with Pops
 and then we dropped the Bigs off at Nana and Grandpa's so they could spend a few days of their spring break with them.  Emma enjoyed the solo car ride home and we loved the view!
 A few pictures of Sally and Libby's time with Nana and Grandpa's!  The "gym" was open!

 Cinnamon Rolls!

 Tea Time!
 Can you guess what the Bigs got from the Easter Bunny?  Night gowns!

Thank you Nana and Grandpa for the special treatment for the Bigs, they had a great time!!

Slowly but surely I'm getting caught up on the blog :)

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!  I thought I would share the awesome video that was shared with me at my Morning Group at church! Click HERE

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