Monday, April 11, 2016

Hair cuts, Swimmers and Friends

Crazy weather week with Sunshine, Sleet, Wind, Rain and snow!  I think this picture is from a week ago when we had lunch outside.  Looking forward to this again at the end of this week.  70s are in our forecast!!

Daddy, obsessing over a Cardinal in a tree :)
 Among the many screaming matches, there are also moments like this.  Sally reading Libby one of her Library books
 I love my view out of our little gym.  If the sky cooperates I get to see the sun rise!

 While Mommy was busy cleaning, Emma was happy as could be reading books in her room
 5 o'clock witching hour.  I was at the stove getting dinner ready, Libby by my side, as she often loves to help.  Emma was in and out of everything and then I heard a splash.  "Why didn't anyone tell me water would fall on my head if I grabbed the cup?"  Fear not, she didn't fall off of the chair.  It's just a common scene at our house as we have a table dancer (and ottoman) around here!
 Swimming lessons started this week! Libby was sooooooooo excited! Partly because it was a week night so it got to be ALL ABOUT HER and she's so selfless in that way.  Just she and I went for the first one.  As I was clipping her in to her seat she said "I love you Mom, thank you so much for signing me up for swimming lessons."  Bless her heart, she is just the sweetest thing and always so appreciative for the littlest of things.
 We were also super excited because Haddie and Libby get to be in the same class!! If anyone would have told Kari and I, that some day our girls would get to be in the same extra curricular we would have laughed it off.  Dreams really do come true, "kinda neighbor!" aaaaaaaaand their Moms seem to have the same great taste in swim suits!! How cute are they?
 The ratio was pretty great! There is one other little boy in their class, but another teacher was working with him on getting in to the water.
 And then we came home to this nut.  She's obsessed with putting on underwear.  To make the outfit complete she wanted to try on Libby's goggles.
 That hair!
 Loved a conversation I had with Libby the other day.  She causally asked

L: Mom, do you come back alive again in Heaven?
M: Yeah, kind of
L: Really? You do?   thinking for a minute   I bet that will be so fun for you to be with your dad again!
M: Yes, I can't wait.  And some day you'll get to meet Grandpa Joe too!
L: Yes, we can play all the time.  I've never see him before, but I bet he's seen me!
M: I bet he has too, and I bet he's very proud of you and loves you very much!
L: Is Joseph, Jesus' Dad up there too?
M: Yep!
L: I bet Jesus loves that.  I bet He loves being with His mom and dad.

and then she carried on building a tower.

So very thankful I get these moments with my girls.

Daddy finally allowed Emma to get her first haircut.  I've been asking for a while.  Not a lot, just a little trim to get rid of the crazy rats nest at the bottom.

Emma wasn't quite ready to part with her baby hair

 She did enjoy her first sucker
 Her Big Sisters were so proud! And then they (and Daddy) got their hair cuts too!
 Her jet black baby hair, for her baby book.
 I tried to get some "after" shots, but she wouldn't sit still.  You really can't even tell anything was cut off
 After nap
 Yeah right Mom, come and chase me and get a picture
 Saturday afternoon, last minute the Martinson Family came over to play and for dinner.  It's so nice and easy and relaxing with them.  We mesh well together!
 I love Emma in the background of this picture. She and Aubrey were running and giggling from room to room
 Then it was Sally's turn for swimming lessons.  Suddenly she's 100 and ready to be part of a swim team!  She practices like she's on a team and then at the end of the 10 week session she has a mock swim meet.  I'm always so impressed with this girl and her willingness to try new things, even if she won't know a single person.  Not a big deal to her, I'll meet new friends!
 Listening carefully to her coach (she has an orange kick board)

Yesterday, we were invited to dinner at the Armstrong's.  A family that goes to our Parish.  They wanted to welcome us to the Parish.  Reid met the Dad in his Saturday morning Men's group.  They have 4 boys, 10, 7, 5 and 2.  You wouldn't believe how well dinner went, and I'm not even joking!  Continuing to love our new community and everyone that we meet! God is good.

I think this week is National Library Week?  I only know that because of social media.  Most Monday mornings we go to story time.  Today, Emma participated a little more than usual.  :)

Happy warming up, spring time, Week!!

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