Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Payoff for Enduring a MN Winter

Mmmmmm the glorious victory of enduring a MN winter and then getting a picture perfect day, like yesterday.  I looooooove the 4 seasons.  I don't ever want to take the change and excitement of new seasons for granted.

Yesterday was a top 10er!

The night before I did a solo run to Target and Costco so that we'd have no errands to run.

Another beautiful sunrise outside the gym windows

After getting Sally on the bus, we loaded up the stroller and headed to a new park, not too far away.  Fun exploring for both girls, although I didn't get any pictures.  We came back home and hung out on the patio and blew bubbles.  I'm working hard on recording Emma saying the word Bubbles, it's quite entertaining!

Thanks to the Hubs, for getting out our patio furniture this weekend, Mama was in heaven!

 Concentrating, it's hard work getting the bubble wand in to the tube

 Then we had lunch outside and Emma got to sit at the table like a Big Girl
 Helloooooooooo SUNSHINE!!!
 We went for a walk around the pond BEFORE naps, can you spot LJ up ahead?
 Emma, checking out the birds, just like her Daddy.  Love her little profile
 Emma went down for her nap and Libby got to play a game outside, before going down for her nap.  Love her sweet little hands :)

While the Littles napped, Mama got some R&R under the sun's rays, mmmmmm thawing the MN bones.

After naps we played and played and played outside.  Sally was eager to join in the neighborhood fun!

Looking forward to our Spring and Summer days!

A few days earlier, it wasn't so nice, but we still had fun.

Playing catch while watching for Sally's bus

She was extra clingy, so I thought to bring out the Ergo, I think she liked it, I didn't hear a peep
 Taking the time to really watch her play :)

 Hey Mom, look, no hands!! She's a little more of a toddler handful that her Big Sisters were...should be an interesting summer

Happy Sunshiny Thursday!

Little Lady turns 1 1/2 on Saturday :( Where or where does the time go?

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