Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That

Here's a catch up from the month of March!

Sweet Little Emma, just reading books in her crib.  On Mon-Wed-Fri when we walk out to wait for the bus with Sally, Emma gets a little quiet time in her crib.  It's just easier that way instead of bundling her all up and then taking it all off. I love seeing her through the monitor peacefully reading her books

Getting their nails did for great remarks on their 2nd trimester report cards!
 Basketball season wrapped up.  What a fabulous Coach Sally had, and a great group of girls!
 Auntie Jenny turned 35, a flashback picture of her always watching out for me
 We also gained a new NEICE!! Marc and Regan had a beautiful baby girl, Madden! We cannot wait to meet her!

The weather started to warm up, so we were able to explore a bit more outside.  A whole new world for this little lady
 LJ remembered her fun bike thrill rides
 Kari and I cashed in our birthday presents.  We each got a massage and then met up for a fruit and cheese platter with wine and girl talk. I think this will become a repeat! YUMMMM
 Watching for Daddy to pull in from work
 Our Cardinals are back!
 Daddy reunited with his girls!
 Sometimes they're just so darn cute they belong on the mantel! My little leprechaun with braids, and the same outfit her sister's wore for St. Patrick's Day
 Gotta be fair ;)
 Sally rocking the same outfit!
 Libby's journal entry from St. Patrick's Day
 Sally's picture for us when we got home from Cali
 Checking out the cross during Holy Week.  It was during this week that Emma started shouting GOD whenever she saw a picture of Him or a cross or a crucifix
 A peaceful evening run
 One day we were outside playing and Emma insisting on wearing helmets

 aaaaaaaand then next, it looks like we live in a snow globe.  Such is Spring in MN
 When life hands you make snowballs!
 And then the spring-like weather returned and it's been back and forth ever since.
 One of the nights the BIGS were at Nana and Grandpa's we walked to get our take-out dinner at ate it on the patio across the street.  Emma was loving the extra attention!
 Love her! She was such a trooper while I purged a bunch of "things" while the Bigs were away so they couldn't detest!
 This is the last picture on my phone before Sally clicked a hard factory reset--ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sisters back together again

Friday of Spring Break we had planned for our family fun day and Daddy had planned to take off work.  We headed to Safari Island to swim! We have another little fish on our hands.  Emma LOVED the water
 C-for Craigmile
 Ball ball ball
 Every day there's a new word for 7.  This day it was kick, swim, pool, wet, boat and fun
 Daddy and his girls
 I swam too, I was just always the one behind the camera, as well

 She waved and waved and waved at the Lifeguard
 Then we went home for naps and then headed back with a stop in the Lion's Den--a big play place.  A little boy was excited to play with the girls!
 It was getting close to dinner time, so we decided just Reid and the Bigs would go swimming before we headed home.  It's a lot of work to get everyone in and out of wet suits.  So Emma and I stayed a little longer in the Lion's Den, and played and waved at them swimming down below
 Thumbs up
 And then we went down to watch Sally jump off the diving board and Emma kepts shouting and pointing IN, POOL, GO.  So, I had to let her.  And she was SOooooooooooooo happy!

We also have another hand dipper in the gutter, thinking it's Holy Water

Cutest little swimmer!
 Saturday we continued the fun and went to Open Gym and Open Skate at the rec center.

Sunday we went to church and donuts and then spent the rest of the day outside.  It was beautiful!! Nice weather, pllllllllllease come back!  Mommy did sneak away for a bit to pick up her pre-prepped Wildtree Meals.  Thank you Liz, for hosting!!!

annnnnnnnnnnd that's a wrap.  Hopefully I can stay up to date for a little bit.

Happy April!

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