Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Girls Back at Home

While we were away the girls got to play :)

Thank you SO very much to the awesome grandparents for taking such great care of our girls!!! They hardly missed us!

My mom was here for the first half of the week, what awesome weather she got to have!

I was most worried how little Emma would do...she did Fantastic!! When I came home she seemed like she grew by about 6 months!

She loved her extra attention while the Bigs were at school

Ready for school drop-off!

They love that Grandma knows how to french-braid!

Outside play time!
 Cousins came over to play! Grandma rocked all 4....all 4 napped!

Checking out the neighbor's bunny
 Swingin' Sisters
 I just love this picture!! They were playing Captain May I?

Half-way through Nana and Grandpa came to relieve Grandma of her duties! The fun continued!

Successful naps!

 Sally, the puzzle Queen

 Libby, the Memory Queen!

 Grandpa used rubberbands to fix Sally's bow and arrow!

 Emma got to ride in the wagon for the first time!

 Emma got to be part of the tea party

 Sister love
 Grandpa time

As you can see, they were loved plenty :)

It was a nice little break, but always SOOOOOOO good to be home and back together again!!

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