Friday, March 18, 2016

California Day 3: San Fran-Carmel by the Sea

We picked up our rental car (Buick Lacrosse, just like Grandma!) after a few quick stops in San Fran (Meat free lunch thanks to Trader Joes!) we were headed toward route 1 to start the Pacific Coast tour.  As we drove the sights got more and more amazing!

Officially leaving San Francisco

The winds were pretty strong on this day.  Thankfully there were only a few sprinkles instead of the downpours like the forecast had predicted.  I'm sure I'll say it many times more, but the pictures just don't do it justice.

The waves were quite big

 a little glimpse of the windy road...nothing compared to what we'd drive the next day, through Big Sur

 Our first "look out point" stop, there are many many many along the drive.

We had a quick stop at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

The next stop was called Lover's Point.  The beginning of our entrance into Carmel-by-the-Sea, and where we began the 17-mile Scenic Route, right through Spy Glass golf course and Pebble Beach golf course.

Can you see the golf course?

This spot is called the Lone Cyprus
 This drive is gorgeous, hence the name (17-mile scenic drive). Reid saw a Mailbox that said Kate Hudson, who knows?  Later in our trip we looked up houses on Zillow, not one under 1 million, a few that are 20 million, can you imagine?!

 At the end of our scenic drive we went to the Mission Ranch Restaurant, thank you Trip Advisor!
 Super cute little ranch! Took pictures and videos for the girls, just as the sheep happened to be "hearding in"

After our drinks we jumped in the car to head back to the ocean to catch the sunset

Super cute little houses along this route too.  Would be a lot of fun to do a VRBO
 A nice lady offered to take our picture.
 Then we checked in at our hotel-Carmel Mission Inn, freshened up and headed to downtown Carmel (absolutely ADORABLE! Similar to 50th and France in Edina, but even more quaint).  We ate at an Italian/Greek place called Dametra.  So adorable, and the owners and workers are so passionate.  We lucked out and got the last table, otherwise it would have been 40-60 minute wait. **This sort of thing seemed to happen quite often throughout our trip, someone always watching out for us ;)**
 The owner was so excited that things worked out for us to get a table so easily.  When we finished our meal he personally came over to hug us and thank us for coming.  Thank you, once again, Trip Advisor!!

Fun music and dancing in the middle of dinner

We headed back to the hotel to sit in the hot tub and have some ice cream and rest up for our big day the next day.

Someday, we'll be back to Carmel-by-the-Sea, that's for sure!

Stay tuned for the biggest scenery day as we traveled through Big Sur!

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