Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hi, Hello, How Are You?

More awesome weather.  Saturday, are you kidding me?  Record breaking 59 or something like that?  More to come, too!

If you had any doubt that Emma's Big Sisters loved her, don't.  They're obsessed!

I posted this on IG, not sure if I posted here.  Somehow Miss Libby learned the Pledge of Allegiance.  She claims she's heard it once??? I checked with her teachers and they don't do it at school...

Libby has Jingle, Sally has Nimbus and this has become Emma's little pet...walking her dog

Friday, Grandma made the trek down to join us at our Parish Fish Fry and then we volunteered at Feed My Starving Children.  It was part of her Christmas Present from us :)

 Daddy headed out early Saturday morning for a Catholic Men's conference.  The girls and I headed out for endless outside play time.  It was fabulous, Emma didn't say a peep the entire time. mmmmmm fresh air and vitamin D!

 Can you spot all 3?  Eventually we had to do a U-Turn because there was a steep slope and it was full of ice, I would have had to slip the whole way down with the stroller, and the girls with their bikes, it didn't seem like the best idea.
 Once Grandma and Lucy arrived, we hopped in the car to head to St. Thomas to cheer for William in his swim meet!
 He did great! What a cool experience for him, and how awesome to be able to swim at St. Thomas' pool!  Added bonus, daddy's conference was just next door so he and his friend Ryan got to pop up to say Hello!
 Emma's ability to explore outside leads to new dangers, like falling down the patio should see the other guy ;)

This might have a little something to do with it...

A favorite for the girls is to take turns picking their favorite church songs and listening to them on youtube and watching the slideshows that go along with them.  Some favorites: Amazing Grace, How Beautiful, Be Not Afraid, Shout to the Lord, On Eagle's Wings...

It was pretty precious how Emma would be playing, but she understood the more "solace" songs and would sit down and snuggle and watch, she'd make sure to point out to Jesus and each time she heard Amen, she'd fold her hands and pray. [No pants, because she was wearing tights and they were too slippery :)]

 Monday, Libby, Emma and I got to celebrate Dr. Seuss at Storytime
 One way to get laundry done...
 Piggies! Getting bigger and bigger every day. She went to "daycare" on Tuesday during my morning group at church.  She did well.  I expect next week not to go so well as soon as she recognizes the room...


This might seem like a not very important picture, but it's a glimpse to the future.  Slowly, but surely the sisters are finding ways to ALL play together.  Sally and Libby are giggling under their "fort" while Emma comes to find them and destroy the fort and then every one laughs.  This also allows Mommy to get dinner ready without a baby hanging on her hip.


The Martinson Ladies came over this morning, for what will likely be our last morning playdate until the Fall, as Kari starts back at work soon.  At least we officially live closer so we'll be able to spend more summer evenings together!!

The babies actually played a little more today.

Talking while waiting for lunch:

Cute Little Sisters
 This is how you know when you've maxed out the amount of time allowed to take pictures.  One sticks out their tongue and the other puts a finger in their nose :)
 And then the Big Sisters, as Queens! Thank you for coming ladies, we're excited for Summer!!

Did you attend your local Caucus last night? Was it Ca-raaaaaaaaaaaaazy?  Impressed with the turnout, Reid and I made it too.

Way to represent Rubio, Minnesota!

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