Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

It's been fun making new memories in our new home.  Each night after we get all 3 girls to bed and we sit down to catch our breath for a minute, we ask each other, "Well, does it seem real yet?" Referring to the fact that this is indeed our  home.

I have a feeling it's going to take a year, to experience all of the seasons and celebrations that a year brings.

We "hosted" our first Thanksgiving and it went very well!

Sally's Thankful Turkey: God, Family, a home, clothing and cousins. I think she got 'em all!

We got to meet Savannah and hang out with Thomas and Erin for a bit as they were passing through on their way to Alexandria.

Baby snuggles  before work

Emma couldn't get enough, she was so excited!

Matching Jammers!

Pro baby holder by now!

Emma thought she was so funny taking off her pj pants, something her sisters have never done...we may have our hands full during her toddler years.
Wednesday afternoon and evening everyone arrived.  After dinner we did a little Turkey Time!


The night wouldn't be complete without a little Pie Face!

 Cousins--they got along so well and made some really great memories!

They put on a little show for us,  Lots of Gopher cheers--our passionate little Gopher fan!


We woke up and were excited to see the first snowfall!  Reid took the kids out to play in it for a bit! Rockin' their jammies and all!


Cannon being ever so patient in teaching Sally how to kick a football

and of course Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Prepping for the big meal

Her boys!
 My baby girl

Putting the formal table and china to good use!

 The kiddos got to decorate their table

 Thanksgiving Prayer


I love Emma giggling in this one

Kid's Table

The WHOLE gang, if you look closely you can see Emma's whale spout behind Cannon :)

We ended the night with a walk around our neighborhood to look at all of the Christmas Lights and SNOW!

 Sally has been wanting to match Emma for quite some time.  It's not always super easy since she's not in Toddler Sizes anymore.  I was able to find some at Costco and surprise them!

We hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving as well!  So much to be thankful for, that's for sure!

Bring on Christmastime and SNOW!!

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