Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hello, how are you?

Are you obsessed with Adele's new song?  I have it on all day every day, especially in my head.

Anyway, whoops, time got away from me again.  Catch up on what we've been up to.

Maybe during winter hibernation I'll be able to stay up to date on the blizog

We met the Kroger boys and Lindsey and the Martinson Ladies at Library time last week.

Emma wasn't tied to her mama's hip the whole time. Yay.

Crawling up to a complete stranger, "Ummm excuse me, did you know you have a hole in your jeans?"

Not to worry, said stranger's daughter was sitting in my lap

Making Pizza's

 After story time we had a little play time in the corner
 Contemplating the menu

 Working together
 Nana has another BIG fan of her muffins.  Emma trying to get Sally to share a piece.  Sally happily offered it up, she'd do anything for her baby sister.

We had some pine tree/bushes in the front of our garage that I was not a big fan of.  Lumber Joe came on over and took care of business.  Thank you!!! [Sporting the hunting beard and all. He's happy to report he got his first ever Buck!]

TaDa, so fresh and so clean clean

Part of Sally's Citizen and Community Test

 She maybe has a little too much time on her hands.  Her name in rainbow colors with an arrow stating "Ann goes here" #smartkidproblems
 Libby forgot her kitty at Nana and Gramps, they surprised her by mailing it to her.  She thought it was pretty awesome!
 Last week the Kroger family came over for dinner.  Lindsey brought Pie Face game.  The adults and Sally sure got a kick out of it.  The kiddos were a little scared :)

This is what our evenings consist of...Performances from the Rock Out Sisters

"OK Google" for the win.  The girls LOVE asking google questions.  Our new car came with 2 tablets.  I have all of the settings set so they can only do safe searching.  Sally shouted "Mom, it's not working!"  "Wait, what's twerk?"  It heard her shout work and thought she said twerk.

Don't worry, her next search was "pictures of Heaven" :)

Baby girl is the sweetest little thing when she's sleeping. Sometimes I have to wake her on Tuesdays and Thursdays to go pick up Libby from school.  I keep meaning to take pictures and videos, because it's not often you'll find me waking a sleeping child.  I cannot get over how quickly she pops up when her sound machine is turned off and she's immediately jabbering away and is as happy as can be
 Bed head

Hoping our awesome Fall weather makes our winter a little bit more bearable!

Swinging, and samesies...

 Fluffball Sisters, Libby on the left and Emma on the right

Saturday, our church had a Bingo event after their 515pm Mass.  I took the Bigs, while Daddy stayed back to put Emma to bed. And watch the Gophers with our neighbor.

We didn't win, but we sure had fun!  It was fun for me to be able to do something different with the Bigs, usually I'm the one having to hang back with Emma.

 Sunday morning Libby's preschool had an open house and she was asked to be a greeter at Mass.

The Martinson ladies came over to play yesterday morning.  We had a great time.  Libby and Haddie played wonderfully together.  It was super cute to see Aubrey and Emma playing side by side, until they wanted the same thing.  Toddler life can be hard, especially when your friend wants your favorite toy :)

 We can't wait for many more play dates throughout the winter!
Libby was asked to bring a flashlight to school for F day.  They got to eat snack by flashlight, saved the day when the power went out in the office and played a little flashlight freeze tag.  How cute is this picture her teacher took? :)

I'm gonna get you...

Daddy's home!


A few more pictures from Deer Hunting Weekend

Reid and B-O-B, Bob, anyway you look at it ;)

Tea time with Gramps

Daddy's Back!

Singing to Nana's friend, Mary

Miss Elsa

aaaaaaaaand that's a wrap.

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