Sunday, November 8, 2015

Deer Hunting Weekend 2015

Emma and I enjoyed our weekend, just the two of us.  Daddy shot an 8-point Buck and a Doe! Sally and Libby had a blast with Nana and Melissa!!

Earning their keep

 They made Fall Necklaces
 So precious when sleeping

 Breakfast of Champions

 Craft Fair Polka Dot Sisters
Ummmm, you're doing it wrong! She thought she was so funny
 Friday morning we had a fun playdate with the Kroger Family from Florida, and the Lizes and their babes! I didn't get any pictures, but Welle did!
 Snug as a bug in a rug
 Queen Elsa

 Delivering Desserts
 Toes up, always.  I'm pretty sure she started making noises that match Reid's cardinal call, she misses the rest of her fam
 More Cousins!
 Reid's Deer

 Lots of laughs, snuggles, shopping and quality one on one play time
 Up and Down and Up and Down the stairs

The rest of the "catch up pics"

Our ottoman finally arrived, which completes all of our furniture purchases from way back when

 Leaf jumping with neighbors!

 Honoring our soliders
 Watching for Sally's bus!
 Ordinary days

Sally wanted to draw a picture of my painting I did a handful of months ago with Kari

Who needs toys
 Aunt Tamara got to walk Sally in to school on Tuesday.  John and Hannah got to walk them in on Thursday!
 Libby's journal entry
 Emma wanted nothing to do with us ;)

It was J week in Libby's class.  They got to try on Joseph's Technicolor Dream coat!

 A little more action in the morning than we're used to
 I could get used to a personal helper :)Thank you Hannah!
 Libby got to show them where her classroom is too!
 The statue at the entrance of the school
 Bigs at school, Emma down for a nap, Reid at work and John snapping the picture.  So fun to be able to show Grandma Gen our new house! What a trooper she is! Thanks for coming to visit Joerger family, come back soon!

Can the Vikes hold it out? Heading out to finish a few more items on my list before the crew gets back home and Emma wakes up from nap.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Fuck that. Yes, you're right, I am a close minded asshole. Now hurry up and sweep up those yard trimmings. I don't pay your ass to stand around.
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