Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Better late than never

Well gosh, time just keeps on slipping away

Here are picture from ummm I think 2 weeks ago? Oops

an attempt at a family selfie to capture the beauty of the tree that overlooks our

More failed attempts

 Libby's bestie from pre-school got to come over for lunch the other day.  Libby was so excited!
 Two peas in a pod, singing to princess music
 We said Good-Bye to our Pilot :(  I know you're not supposed to get attached to material things, but when they 100% fulfill their purpose it's hard to move on.  We bought this car when Sally was only weeks old.  Thinking ahead, making sure it had a 3rd row so it could last us for quite some time.

It was time to upgrade to 2nd row bucket seats so Sally didn't have to climb in and out of the "trunk" or flip over the seat.  With car drop off for school, it just made sense.  Plus, we wanted to trade it in while it was still worth something.  Well, just in time.  Days after we traded it in was the airbag recall :)

Thank you Pilot for the many miles of safety and many car ride memories!! xo, The Craigmile Crew!

We did a lot of research and a lot of patiently waiting for the perfect one to come on the market.  We had decided on a 2015 Chevy Traverse.  We obviously wanted safety, second row bucket seats and then the mid-size SUV that had the most cargo space once the 3rd row was up.  We waited and watched and test drove and we're REALLY excited about our find.  It has a bit more upgrades than we ever would have considered, but it was similar (lower than some) in price, so we went for it.  We got a really great deal and they gave us OVER Kelly Blue Book estimate for our pilot.

Thank you Grandma for watching the girlies while we went to pick up our new car and finally cash in the gift card to Murray's

The newest member of the Craigmile Crew:
 When we were out to dinner our waitress asked if we were celebrating anything special.  Ummmm, MBA graduation, a new job, a new house, delayed 7 year anniversary, and a new car.

She responded with geez, why not throw in a new baby?

Well, that too, kind of, our youngest just turned 1.

Well then, I guess tonight you're celebrating life

Saturday morning I was gone at a baby shower. Grandpa popped over to hang with Reid and the girls

Libby's teacher got married a few weeks ago and had invited all of her present and past students to the ceremony.  She had arranged for them to bring up carnations during the gifts.  Libby was so proud and excited.  Mrs. Norwick said Sally was more than welcome to join, all St. Hubert students are her kids too.  Plus, she said Sally is always so excited to see her and gives her a big smile and a wave :)

How cute is she?
 Libby felt pretty special because during the ceremony Mrs. Norwick looked directly at her and waved.

 The beautiful bride and her student

 Sure love having Sunday Ticket, said no wife ever ;)

Loved catching this moment the other night.

Soaking up little moments with the middle one, as I know in the blink of an eye she'll be at school all day too.

We've been making good use of our extra space and welcoming visitors.  Reid's aunt came for a fun surprise visit Sunday-Tuesday.

Tonight Reid's grandma, aunt, uncle and 3 cousins are coming to visit.

The Kroger's are coming for a week, staying with cousins in Victoria, but will be in and out.

Two more of Reid's cousins coming Thursday and Sunday!

Gotta love Deer hunting weekend :)

Happy November! Safe hunting to those that go!

Hoping to get caught up here throughout the weekend, not making any promises :)

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  1. That was the same thing we did when we said goodbye to our vehicle and began shopping. It was all about making sure the kids had room to grow and the vehicle was safe. The one we traded and new Chevy we bought were highly rated as far as safety features go, so we knew we made the right decision.