Tuesday, December 1, 2015


On Black Friday, we skipped the whole shopping frenzy and went to a little local Christmas Celebration

Following Santa in the Parade to go see the lighting of the tree

Libby wasn't too sure about standing next to Santa.  Sally couldn't wait!
 What's a Christmas celebration without Elsa? :)
 The girls [Emma included] LOVED the Alpacas, they thought they were hilarious

And then we went to dinner at BWW because who wants to do any more dishes and you can only have so many Thanksgiving leftovers in a row.

Emma found a new love, lemons

Nana and Grandpa brought a Santa to add to our Christmas decorations, the girls loved it

One picture too many...
 Christmas Stories before bedtime, Emma cruisin' in the background

 This is what Saturday morning looks like at our house

 Love this! [VIDEO]

Cute little lady
 The "I know I'm not supposed to do this" face

Helping put up the Christmas Wreath

The first of the indoor Christmas decorations

Tea time

Maybe the Gophers should have put in this little football player

 We were so excited the Lindberg ladies, plus Brad, were able to come and play for a bit while they were in town.  Our friendship withstands distance and time!

Happy Advent, Happy FIRST REAL SNOW, Happy December!

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