Friday, December 11, 2015

Slowing Down during the Hustle and Bustle

We like to keep it low key during this time of year. Lots of online shopping so we're not out and about all of the time.

Monday we had a great playdate with the Martinson Ladies. The kiddos played extremely well which meant the Mamas got in a lot of good convo. Aubrey even took her morning nap at our house and it was a beautiful day so we made it to the park while Emma started her afternoon nap. We can't wait for a repeat soon! Thanks for coming ladies!

Soon to be 4 and 3 year olds.  One year and a day apart!

Christmas presents might be a little tricky this year, someone doesn't like ripping them open.

Early Christmas present for Emma from her Godparents.  We were instructed to open it early so that she could wear it throughout the Christmas Season :)

How cute is this dress?! I want one in my size, please! Thank you Thomas and Erin!

Sally had an awesome Choir Practice on Monday.  Daddy had fun being able to pick her up.  They spotted one of LJ's projects!

I had a great time at Mass for the Feast of Immaculate Conception, Libby was at Preschool, so I just had Emma and we got to see Sally since it was the school Mass!

Libby's picture she picked out
Every year around this time I remember practicing for our annual family concert.  My sister would play the flute, I would play my clarinet and my brother would play with trucks ;)

I finally remembered to bring it out, the girls thought it was pretty cool.  I even remembered how to play, it was kind of like riding a bike!

Little Lady has been taking a few steps as of late!



Messy-haired cutie getting up from her nap.  We had fun playing with Alishia and Brecken Thursday morning! So grateful to have such awesome neighbors!!

My attempt at being crafty, a fabric covered cork board for above our desk area! Hopefully we can get it hung this weekend.

Sometimes the simple ones are the best ones!

 We're often blasting Christmas music during lunch time around here

Flashback to Sally's day off, here were the girls' outfits of the day...
 An afternoon favorite, watching out the window to wait for Sally's bus.  There are 2 other buses that come before her's, Emma is a BIG fan! She's thrilled she's finally tall enough to see out the front door.  Love the tippy toes, waving and shouting BUUUUUUU, BUUUUU, BUUUUU
 Last night Libby got to have her birthday celebration with Grandma, George, Katherine and Bobby.  They went to the Depot to ride the Holiday Train to the North Pole to pick up Santa and then out to dinner at Snuffy's.  Such a fun and magical experience for Libby!  Thank you Grandma and George!

When you "drop a kid", you feel like you can conquer the world and everything seems so much easier.  I needed a little change of pace from the monotony of the dinner make and clean-up, so we met Daddy for dinner at Chipotle.

Then I surprised Sally with a hot chocolate look at Christmas lights cruise as a celebration for her awesome report card!  She just finished up her 1st trimester and she did fantastic! We're very proud of how hard she tries, her rule following and her kindness to all!

My Hot Chocolate Date!
 Loving the one on one time!

We're looking forward to a great weekend, no Gopher Game, No Viking Game and no Fantasy (Reid has a bye in the play-offs), how productive can we be or how lazy enjoy the moment can we be?

Happy Birthday Eve to Grandpa Joe! We miss you every single day!!

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