Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What a Week!

-Libby turned 4
-Daddy had a work trip during the week filled with the most "extras" we've ever had
-Libby had her Christmas Program
-Emma Got the flu
-Sally got the flu
-Libby got the flu
-Mom and Dad got the flu, on the SAME DAY--that made for some interesting parenting.

BUT, we survived and are stronger for it, right? Right

Here's a recap on Libby's birthday and all that jazz :)

Birthday Present Scavenger Hunt!

 Working hard to figure out where the clue is leading her to
 Sally was excited about her gift and card "Can you show me your biggest smile?"-Sally
 Birthday Bagel
 Her day was filled with her Favorites! Ruby-her best friend, dressing up like princesses, and having a tea party with poptarts

 Baking is another favorite, so we made Christmas cookies

 I think 4 might be my favorite age

 Picking out her birthday balloon--TWINNING
 Birthday lunch at NOODLES
 Mom, can we take a picture of us girls before nap?
 Cheesy rice was her birthday dinner request.  Reid sees a dog, I see a 4...
 May all your wishes come true, Sweet Girl!

 She also wanted ice cream with sprinkles instead of cake :)
 Birthday kisses, Emma cared more about her toothbrush
 Daddy's girls, he couldn't wait to get home!
 Making Christmas cards for her teachers
 So sweet!
Daddy made it home and got to bring the girls to school.  One of the Mom's needed a ride to go pick up her car, so asked Reid to wait with their girls.  Of course, the one time Reid brings the girls to school and it will never be forgotten...
 Libby's sweet little Christmas Program

 Proud of my girl, can we freeze time?
 Fun to have it be all about her for once
 Pulled Emma away from climbing chairs for a quick picture
 Libby's gift to us
 Candy wrapper
 Libby had her first birthday party last weekend, she was SO excited.  So sweet and innocent.
 "This is me and Ruby and we have glass slippers on and long Elsa braids"
 Her first party was one never to be forgotten, Elsa was there!

Happy Christmas Week!

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