Monday, November 28, 2011


Reid had a busy weekend of work, so we ended up going to Mass Sunday night.  Each time we pass the Basilica in the car we've said how fun it would be to take Sally there for Mass.

If you know how much Sally loves Church and Jesus and Mary then you'll understand when I say: taking Sally to the Basilica was basically like bringing her to Disney World.

She was in love! Throughout Mass she'd look up at the ceiling and all around at the statues and whisper "Look at the beautiful Church Mommy, wow!" She was in prime form throughout the Mass as well.  She held her song sheet out in front and sang nice and loud for all those near us, and not so near, to hear.  During the readings she would listen carefully and echo almost every verse that was read.  She gave Peace to those around her for at least five minutes.  When Mass was over we brought her to the special Mary statue, and I'm pretty sure she would have stayed the night if we would have let her.

Checking out Mary

Love how Sally knelt down because Daddy did
Next up, Rome...I wish!


  1. Awe. Such a sweet girl. I love the Basilica. Attended mass there for several years and miss it sometimes. Been saying I want to take Isabelle there for years...she'd love it too...shoot...I better get on that! She's 6 already! :D