Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sophia & Jasper

We know we're pretty lucky that our awesome babysitter lives across the street from us.  No having to pick her up or drop her off, just simply watch her cross the street.  Another benefit of this fine family living near us is that they have a total of 3 girls.  The youngest being in 2nd grade.  As they continue to outgrow their clothes and toys, they pass on these treasures to us.  The other day, they shared two horses with Sally.  They're pretty cool.  I think they are part of the American Girl Collection.

Needless to say, Sally was a little head over heels with these horses.  Here are a few pictures when she first "met them"

Extra Gentle Kisses

She thinks it's so great that these are her very own

I love that she was able to tell me that the white one was the Mommy and the brown one was the Daddy.  They even have *ahem* proper parts, if you know what I mean.  Sally and I were able to come up with the name Sophia for the mommy, but we had a hard time with the Daddy name.  We left it to the "out of left field clever one", Daddy, and he and Sally came up with Jasper.

When I was "surprising" her with the horses I brought them out one at a time.  After a few minutes of loving these two she asked if there were more.  She now says, word for word, "No more horses, just these two, but we're VERY LUCKY to have these two."

She makes sure to give them kisses before she goes to bed at night and they're one of the first things she asks about when she wakes up in the morning and afternoon nap. 

I love being able to be a little girl again through my girl and share in her excitement for the simple joys!

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  1. Loved hearing us girls one by one walk into your house and say "Oh wow...look at those big horses!" :)