Friday, October 14, 2011

Peas are Friends

Sally comes up with the craziest ideas and I'm sure they will only get crazier the older she gets.  The other night she took all of her peas out of her bowl and had to make sure they were all touching.  You know, because they are all friends of course!

Here's a quick snapshot of it taking place toward the end...

A quick story of our little genius:

Last weekend when we were in the car, driving home to Alex, Reid and I were in the middle of a conversation and Sally started shouting "Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift!" {Reid loves country. Reid loves Taylor Swift.  Reid has been showing Sally youtube videos of some of Taylor Swift's song}.

Reid looks back and says, "Ok hold on, I'll put one of her songs on."  As I looked at Reid when he was telling Sally he'd switch the song, I noticed we were passing a semi and in large letters across the side of the truck it said S-W-I-F-T.  I kid you not. 

We couldn't believe it, so we were trying to come up with any way that it could just be a freaky coincidence.  However, the song on the radio was Katy Perry and it was in the middle of the song, so it wasn't like she just heard it and thought it was a Taylor Swift song.  Once we passed the truck, Sally stopped shouting Taylor Swift and went back to reading her books like nothing happened. Reid didn't put a Taylor Swift song on, to see if she would demand that he would, but she never said it again the whole ride home.

This week I played the same Katy Perry song to see if she would think it was Taylor Swift and all I got was, "No, Mommy, not that song!"  I also typed the word "swift" in large font on the computer to see if she could tell me what it was.  All I got was "There's an S, there's a T and look, a W!"

So, maybe she's a genius, maybe it was just a coincidence...

Enjoy your weekend!

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