Friday, October 21, 2011

Sister Sally

We've decided Sally's going to grow up to be a Nun.  She loves anything that has to do with Jesus.  She's recently found a new love for Mary.  Waaaaaaay back when I received my First Communion, my grandma gave me a statue of Mary.  This same statue sits on a shelf in Sally's room.  Sally talks to her, pets her, holds her hand, gives her kisses...

Now that Sally's upstairs she doesn't have a changing table for her two diapers a day, nap and bed.  She's extra squirmy.  Mom is going on umpteen weeks pregnant and losing patience with her squirmy toddler.  I decided to have Mary lay next to Sally.  Sally laid perfectly still,  you would have thought she was dead. 

Cut to my phone ringing downstairs. I had to run and get it, see, I'm "on call." My sister could be going into labor any minute {Can't wait to be an Auntie for a 4th time!}. Nope, not Jenny, dumb telemarketer...

Head back upstairs to hear a clank, "Ooooh no Mommy." 

Sally was trying to snuggle with Mary and bring her to her pillow and she accidentally hit her head on the wall and it broke off. She was devastated! Surprisingly, she didn't cry.  Mommy almost did, remember umpteen weeks pregnant, hormonal...

Long story short, Mommy fixed Mary, it was a perfect break, nothing a little super glue couldn't fix.  Since this incident Sally has been even more attached with Mary.  She has to make sure every day that she's OK.  There's still a little crack to remind her and the poor girl feels terrible.  There is also a small paint chip on the wall that Sally points out every day.

I discovered the other day that Sally knows the entire Hail Mary prayer.  Word for word.  She does it best in the dark when we're lying in bed saying our prayers.  It's the loudest and most clear, as well as her songs and her other prayers.  Whenever I record she knows she's "on stage" and gets a little shy.  Here's a little bit of her loving on Mary.

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