Thursday, August 11, 2011

Special Friendship

Sally loves to go and visit her BFF Delores, our neighbor.  Often times she walks on over, knocks on the door and says "Bye Mom, I see Delores."  Delores will open the door and say she's going to play with Sally for a few minutes.

I love that Sally has this relationship.  I had one just like it when I was little.  Her name was Birda (sp?).  I'd spend days with her playing cards, doing her nails, doing her hair, baking, the works.  

Kids obey their elders differently than their parents.  Kids know the elders have an extra special wisdom that their own parents don't quite possess yet.  So I know Sally is behaving well, or at least listening to Delores. 

Delores doesn't have many rules, but the one she does have, Sally is sure to obey.  Delores gets nervous when Sally gets close to her bird bath because it isn't secured super well and it's concrete.  She's afraid it'll fall and crush Sally.  Each time Sally walks toward the bird bath she says "Just look, don't touch!"

I think I'll be sending Sally Delores' way, during her teenage years :)


  1. nice of you Jackie wonderful tribute to me and I certainly enjoy Sally when she drops in for a short visit breaks up the long days.Sally will be fun to have around when she gets older and I can't wait either.