Tuesday, August 9, 2011

80s and a totally Rockstar Dad!

Looking back, one of the things I'm most grateful that I did, was allow Reid to be a Dad.  Sounds so simple right? What I mean by that is, I didn't treat him like a babysitter when I left for a night out or prior engagement.  The same held true this weekend when I left Saturday morning for Meghan's Bachelorette Party.  My only "instructions" were, if he put Sally in a diaper and it wasn't nap or bedtime he would be sleeping outside in a box with snakes for a week...he got the point :)

He did great, and so did she! She didn't have any accidents and he even ventured out for Church and a quick Target run! It was great to have a 24 hour break, after my long week in the bathroom with Sally.

One of the first pictures he sent me...
He now gives me more credit for making Sally's hair presentable each day :) Whatever, I thought he did a great job! What Dad would actually choose to tackle putting pigtails on a toddler? Makes me love him more!

Bunch of Beautiful Bennies!

Finally time to celebrate Meggers! We tied two pontoons together and cruised around the lake...you can imgagine the kind of looks and waves we received

Back home, Sally was playing catch with Kyle

The theme for the night out with the ladies was 80s...I think we pretty much rocked it!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Did I not find the best shirt ever?

Love you JenBen

Some of the bridesmaids with the bride-to-be!

We had a totally "rad" time!


  1. Love love LOVE! Though there were oodles of prego's at the bachelorette party....you were the only one that stayed out and didn't allow your baby bump to call it a night for you. You are officially the funnest (is that a word? Gonna use it anyway) mama I know. :)

  2. HA! I love that shirt!!!