Monday, August 15, 2011

Beautiful Bennies!

We had a blast a my good friend, Liz's, wedding this weekend.  Here's a shot of the Bennies...just realizing we're missing the bride...

Our husbands and significant others were on the other side of the camera, so of course we didn't know where to look or who was shooting.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned that Sally really loves diversity, but she does.  She loves my friend Carrie, and Carrie loves her!  The other day a commercial came on for the show The Talk.  Julie Chen was talking and Sally came running shouting "Hi Carrie, Hi Carrie!"  When I told my friend Carrie of this, she was a big fan.  I had to snap a photo of she and her guy Tyler so that Sally can see Carrie whenever she'd like :)

Reid especially had a great time at the wedding as the band was a country band.  Each song they would play, Reid would look at me with a big smile and remind me that this song was also on his top playlist!

waiting for the song

Bustin' a move!

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