Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Perks of Being a SAHM

We ♥ Ellen at our house.  She is switching her time slot to 4pm and was in town promoting the switch.  Monday night she was at the Twins game.  Tuesday morning on my facebook feed I saw that she was going to be downtown at 11:15 by the Mary Tyler Moore statue.  I sent Reid a quick message at 10:30 to tell him to check it out if it's close to him.  He responded and said we should come and have lunch with him. 

He didn't have to ask me twice, within 15 minutes Sally and I were out the door.  How fun to spot a famous person, and I've been wanting to see where Reid works since he's moved downtown a little over a year ago.  I like to be able to visualize where a person is, especially when they spend so much time there.  I know, I'm weird like that.

We were lucky to spot her crossing the street and to capture a few pictures of her as well.  I say lucky, because apparently some people were there at 6:45am to get a front row spot!

After spotting Ellen we headed to Daddy's work.  Sally was just as excited as I was.  Monday night at the dinner table when there was a lull in the conversation, Sally turned to Reid and matter of factly said "Daddy, tell me about your day!"  Love that girl.

Reid had fun giving us the tour and introducing us to some of his co-workers.

So proud of her Daddy

"Wow Daddy, you even have a window seat!"

"Huuuuge {her new favorite word} towers!"
We ended our visit with a quick purchase at Target to get our parking validated. 

We did a lot of out and about yesterday and we had no accidents, the little lady caught on to this potty training thing pretty well.  Next step of progress is being able to go on a regular toilet {instead of on Froggie in the back of the car :)}, and we're working on #2 as well...

**Check out Video and Story on WCCO of Ellen taking over Minneapolis

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  1. Great view! I interviewed at Target dwntwn a few weeks ago but it was for contract work and I'm looking for perm so it didn't work out. They have many good views from their office!