Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hello, Hi, How are you?

We're still here, doing a little of this and a little of that.  Excited that Daddy completed another class toward his MBA, which means he only has one class a week until the middle of December and then a nice little break until the middle of January.  THEN it will be the LAST Spring semester, LAST Summer semester and LAST Fall semester.  Can you tell I'm a little excited?

We were happy to help Uncle Joey out on Wednesday and drive him to his car at the dealership.  He's helped us so many times.

We enjoyed the nice weather during the week.  The girls and I got the leaves raked since the forecast predicted rain this weekend.  We got all of the front bagged and then Daddy and the girls bagged the backyard Saturday morning before swimming lessons.

My friend Liz was just at Disneyland and she thought to send the girls a postcard from Mickey and Minnie.  Isn't she sweet to think of them?  Sally still hasn't gotten over it.  She says Mickey and Minnie just know every thing.  A few hours later she came to the conclusion that they must remember that Daddy went a long time ago and now he's going to be coming with his girls ;)

Friday night, almost all of the Phenow female cousins got together for dinner and drinks.  Each of our families are just getting too big that we don't get to see each other on the holidays, like we used to.  It was a lot of fun...maybe too much :)

George shared Goldy with the girls...he is a big hit around here!

Friday morning Libby and I quickly stopped at Menards to pick up some lawn bags.  Apparently we've been missing out since their big remodel.  There are awesome escalators in the store.  We decided to go "play" Saturday morning after swimming lessons.  Poosch joined us too!

Who knew Menards could be so fun?

We enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning, as we tackled 5pm Mass last night.  I'm much appreciative of that, as I have a terrible head cold.  Thankful it is here before the big trip!

We had donuts and watched Finding Nemo this am.  We're staying at the Art of Animation is Disney World and the Finding Nemo section :)

It's always a little awkward to just drop Sally off at Sunday school and walk out, people not knowing we went to Mass Saturday night.

Single digits!!!9 more days. Our chain is getting quite small! We moved it to the door handle so Sally is able to reach it for the removals!

Happy Cozy Snuggly Sunday!

**Happy Birthday to Logan and Lila!

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  1. So fun to see you this weekend! My butt made the blog! lol! We had fun listening to the band and dancing. :) I hope Disney is so awesome, I can't wait to see pictures!! Maddie was 7 months when we went and I was working! I think we 'deserve' to go again haha