Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fun Day!

Yesterday I took the girls to MOA to cash in on my free pair of jeans that I won the other night at our girl's night.  Thank you Mandy!!! She hosted a CMA night, and we filled out our own ballots.  Whoever got the most correct got a coupon for a free pair of jeans at the new Silver store at the MOA!!  Can you guess who won? ;) Pretty awesome girl's night, right?!

It was also Toddler Tuesday and you can get a discount on ride points so I decided to warm the girls up for Disney.  Libby is a little daredevil, she wanted faster, higher and more.  She laughed and giggled the entire time.  Sally was very brave herself as she had to go on most of the rides and sit by herself, since I had to sit with Libby.  We're getting veeeeeeeeeeeery excited!!!  I also hit the dollar spot jackpot at Target today in stocking up for activities for the girls on the plane and waiting in line for rides.

Kari and I needed a night to catch up where we could take our "mom hats" off.  We needed to just be girlfriends and have fun and have silly girl talk without having to worry about our girls' behavior.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed some delicious sushi.  As always, we caused a scene while trying to take pictures :)  It involved a little red wine spillage and two separate people offering to take the picture for us.

The sushi place closes at 9, so we needed to take it elsewhere to continue the chit chat.  There was a McDonald's down the street that was open.  Clearly we're hard to please :)

We felt like high schoolers :) Love this girl and how much fun we can have just chatting.

I wanted to share my new favorite song with you.  How awesome would it be to listen to this every morning as you wake up :)

**Side note, I've never actually watched the video, I always just listen, I apologize if the video is cra-cra


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