Monday, April 16, 2012

Texas and Trains

We're back! We had a AM-AH-ZING {right Kari? :)} time in Texas with our fabulous host and hostess!! It did my heart well to see my good friend and spend some quality time with her! Thank you thank you for your extra special hospitality and love, we're so glad to have made the trip!! We miss you already!

Libby was a great little traveler! She turned many heads at her cuteness.  Literally, a whole boarding gate area looked and ahhhh-ed at her as we walked by, it was if we were in a parade. 

We pretty much turned heads everywhere, picture a baby in the Bjorn, a bright green stroller, filled with bags and me rolling my suitcase behind.  Everyone thought I was nuts for not checking things, my response was, "Hey I juggle two kids at the grocery store, this will be pretty much the same." The only time I really needed help was getting my bag up and out of the overhead storage on the plane.  Both times, the people who helped get it down ended up carrying my bag all the way off the plane for me.  Most people really do want to help and aren't irritated that you chose to travel with a baby.

Our time in Texas was a perfect balance between touristy things and just relaxing.  It was nice to only have to worry about an infant for a few days. 

I think I need to start giving my kids a better chance at proving their adaptability.  I'm such a routine follower that when things get changed up when away from home, I think my kids will crumble.  They usually rise to the occasion and far exceed my expectations.  For instance, Libby doesn't do the whole bottle thing very well.  Twice during the trip she drank a bottle that wasn't to her perfectly warmed temperature!  She fell asleep numerous times just hanging out in her car seat {thank you thank you to Kari's generous neighbors for borrowing us a car seat, pack n play and bouncy seat!!} and Bjorn.

I could go on and on about details, but I have a load of pictures to share and a little lady who's waiting to play, I missed her so!

Fell asleep moments before takeoff and slept for most of the ride.  If she wasn't sleeping she was all smiles with her neighboring passengers!

We made it! Anxiously waiting for Kari to pull up!

Fixin' to have a great day with Kari!

Yay for no socks!!

Lunch with the girls...amazing Guac!!

Chit chattin' with Kari

So cool!! Fort Worth stock yards.  There is a rodeo every Friday and Saturday and the Bulls walk down the street in a procession!


Note the adaptable baby :)

That's the end of the first set of Texas. 

Next up, first set of Daddy and Sally.  Reid was a very good daddy and husband while I was away.  Sally had special time and adventures as well as staying on schedule.  I came home to the laundry done, the house organized and a bouquet of flowers on the table!

Last year when I went to Arizona I missed Sally A LOT.  This time, I missed her, but it was definitely a very good break for us.  It's good to be home and getting back on schedule.  In the back of my mind, I know that being away for a week this coming winter, for a destination wedding, will also be a great break and that I can do it.  It makes me be a better mom!

Daddy's solo ponytail

Train Museum...she looks soooooo old!!


Waving to the trains as they go by

Loving her special time, just she and Daddy

Lunch, Target style.  Daddy said not to worry about her thinking she can eat lunch every time at Target because they went to a different Target :)
Happy 4 months to our sweet Libby.  We'll see if we're able to post another entry today...

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