Monday, April 23, 2012

Back together again

Everyone had a successful weekend in their different places.

Sally did a great job with her manners at Nana and Grandpa's house.  She even went with Nana to go visit her special friend Mary, who is blind.  Sally held her hand and said the Hail Mary and Our Father with her.  She coincidentally said "See ya later Mary!" as they walked out to leave.  She also remembered to treat Nana extra special on Sunday, as it was her 60th birthday! She doesn't look at day over 50! Thank you Nana and Grandpa for taking Sally for the weekend!

Daddy had fun at the bachelor party, it was a nice break for him as he's been so busy with work and school!

Mommy couldn't believe, she at one point used to think having one infant was a lot of work. I also can't remember what I did before kids.  Every down time I had I used to check things off of my to do list and most had to do with either Sally or Libby.  Did I used to just lay around all day and watch TV??

Libby had a lot of fun at the Christensen's house and was a good girl! Check out the video at the end to see how happy she really was! Thank you Christensen Family for taking such great care of her!!

The ECFE Sale was a big success as well, great job Mary for putting it all on!!

Grandpa Joe's tie!

ECFE Sale!

Libby's reaction when I told her, her sister was going to be gone all weekend!
 I'm not going to lie, when the sun set, I missed having us all together.  So much different being at home when Sally {or daddy} isn't here.  Much easier to be the one leaving, rather than the one left behind.  As Sally says "It's great to be all together as a family!"

She was thrilled that we had family bed time stories on her bed last night.  "Can Libby come too?!"

Sally's new favorite line, "Hey Mom, I would like to have more brothers and sisters, please!"  In time my sweet girl.  Give mama some time, saaaaay another two years when Daddy is doen with his grad school bit :)

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