Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Our Daddy's Birthday!

27 Things we love about our Daddy

1. He’s our Daddy

2. He loves our Mommy

3. How hard he works so he can provide for his family

4. His dedication to his Catholic Faith

5. His Nicknames for everything

6. The way he reads us books

7. The baths he gives us

8. Wrestling with him

9. Getting Saturday morning donuts

10. The way he makes us laugh, like no one else can

11. Cream of Chicken and rice

12. When he pushes us on the swing

13. When he shares his food

14. His unconditional love for the Gophers

15. When he shovels snow in the winter

16. When he rakes leaves in the Fall

17. When he mows the lawn in the summer

18. He loves country music, especially Taylor Swift

19. He teaches me how to pedal on the bike

20. When he gets to put me to bed and we do prayers together

21. His crazy kisses

22. He takes us on walks around the neighborhood

23. Playing outside with him

24. Snuggling with him

25. His big bear hugs

26. When he tickles us

27. He puts his family first. He loves that he’s a daddy and he’s the best daddy in the whole whole world!

Happy 27th Birthday Daddy! We hope you have a really great day! We'll try to make this the best year ever for you! Thank you for being such a nice Daddy to us!
We love you with our whole whole heart,
Your girls xoxo

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  1. Awesome job, Jackie and little angels of putting this post together! Ya'll are in the running for "America's family", led by your man!