Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Second Half of Texas and the Zoo

Good Morning!!

So excited she can finally wear her new outfit from Grandma and George

Giggles with Andy

If there's a candy store you can bet I'll be there :) What is it with the craze of mustaches? I don't get it

Downtown Denton at 'the square'

The Courthouse is the center of 'the square'

Drinking a COLD bottle...Hell pretty much froze over when that happened!

Kari telling Libby what it's like to work here at the Mellow Mushroom....delicious pizza!!

Pretty Pretty girl ready to head to church


Waiting to board the plane...it was 30 minutes delayed. 

Traveling is hard work..;) There were at least 6 'infant in arms' on the plane.  Mine, was of course, the best one and the cutest :)

On to Daddy-Daughter time

Helping Daddy make coffee...one of her favorite things about the weekends!

Beautiful day to go to the Zoo!


Her favorite animal she saw

Reid sent me this picture with the caption "Our Mommies look the same"

Lunch Time!

Dinner with Delores. Thank you for watching Sally while Reid had a review session for class!

On her way to pick up her sister and her mommy!  When they got under the tunnel part to pick us up Sally said, "Oh, is this Texas?" As if we were just down the street the whole time ;)

"Let me take a closer look!" Mommy scored big with a Belle Pez Dispenser.  She rocked it, wrapped it up in a blanket and snuggled with it in bed.  **Side note: Daddy didn't know these clothes were set aside in a "too small" pile :)

"We're a family again!"-Sally

**Mommy always takes too long with the video to capture the real giggles that were happening 2 minutes before this

I think it's safe to say we all had a fabulous weekend!

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